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"Francis is Castro in a cassock" "The fish rots from the head, as they teach you at management school."

From the same site this blog comment: Fr. VF said... Investigate Gustavo Vera, Argentine legislator, gay activist, etc., and close, close, close friend of Bergoglio. Or was. There was some sort of breakup in early 2017. A goldmine of information and insight into Bergoglio is waiting for anyone who will investigate Gustavo Vera.

Up until last year when Antipope Bergoglio and Gustavo Vera had a fight and broke up, Gustavo Vera would travel from Buenos Aires to Rome MONTHLY. After the big fag fight, Antipope Bergoglio had the Swiss Guards go into Vera’s suite in the Casa Santa Marta, pack his bags for him, and then they met him as he was walking through the Vatican returning to the Casa Santa Marta, handed him his bags, and escorted him off the Vatican premises.