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Congrats! What an Amazing Breaking News Report! After reading your last post on Vera being Bergoglio's bf, I am not surprised at this report. A teacher responsible for 90 children. How frightening. This news just has to reach the Mainland USA This woman trying to spread the truth here in Col. is a Saint. Both of these women better get security and quick. The pope has everything that is evil at hand in order to put an end to this story.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=uJMxGoSD2Uw :

TREMENDO-Natacha Jaitt mandó al frente a muchos famosos por trata - YouTube

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Age of consent is 13 in Argentina. Fkin savages.

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"Francis is Castro in a cassock" "The fish rots from the head, as they teach you at management school." http://marymagdalen.blogspot.com/2017/12/a-more-frightening-thesis.html

From the same site this blog comment: Fr. VF said... Investigate Gustavo Vera, Argentine legislator, gay activist, etc., and close, close, close friend of Bergoglio. Or was. There was some sort of breakup in early 2017. A goldmine of information and insight into Bergoglio is waiting for anyone who will investigate Gustavo Vera.

Up until last year when Antipope Bergoglio and Gustavo Vera had a fight and broke up, Gustavo Vera would travel from Buenos Aires to Rome MONTHLY. After the big fag fight, Antipope Bergoglio had the Swiss Guards go into Vera’s suite in the Casa Santa Marta, pack his bags for him, and then they met him as he was walking through the Vatican returning to the Casa Santa Marta, handed him his bags, and escorted him off the Vatican premises. https://www.barnhardt.biz/2018/08/31/is-antipope-bergoglio-a-sodomite-i-dunno-but-his-child-pimping-boyfriend-sure-as-hell-is/

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Lionel Messi of Argentinean Soccer Fame has been said to show signs of Autism / Paranoid Schitzo (abuse victim). He also dodged jail with the help of the Argentinean elite last year. Wouldn’t be surprised if this network is protecting him and other high profile people as described. More than anything I believe the details in this account depicts the GLOBAL power these criminals have, not just in Argentina. Really incredible.

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Its all one big mess in the Vatican. This does not undermine the great spiritual force that the Church represents and this scandal should not undermine or its legacy.

I suppose it is trying to head in the right direction, even though I do not agree with it. Perhaps, it will reach out to a certain part of humanity that needs its intercession. I don't see as an ally though, given how tyrannical its theology and notion of God can be at times.

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Fuck the Catholic Church. Fuck the pope. Their legacy has been in tatters for hundreds of years. The Catholic Church is a satanic organization masquerading as a saintly institution. They've always been a vile disgusting den of murders and rapists since time immemorial.

That's what they were founded upon. They were never anything else but that.