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Oh no. Another one waiting in the wings and ready to follow in his footsteps. Somehow I don't have a good feeling about him.

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Holy shit she just deleted her Go Fund Me. Her name is Aspen Sawyer. I found out by The Honey Bees twitter people posted how Craig is not to be trusted then someone posted his daughter Aspen Sawyers go fund me page and said Aspen blocked people who asked her questions about it and why she needed the money. This is not looking good...

@Piscina @carmencita

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Craig Sawyer is Fake News or even worse. He has connections with Tim Ballard of OUR the Underground Railroad Group that we have researched and found to be compromised.

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The truth will out. Demons always recall when they are confronted with the truth of Jesus Christ. When His Children are in jeopardy He responds. Just like the Cross works on the vampire and the devil.

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'Aspen' is a rubbish actress who couldn't keep up the farce.

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The fastest growing criminal enterprise on the planet. Meet Tim Ballard with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) in this exclusive look into the underground world of child trafficking.