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Wow. I just wrote something about the Wild Boars cave rescue a few seconds ago in another post about Pope Francis. An Argentinian prostitute working undercover has publicized her findings that Pope Francis' boyfriend is operating a pedophile network. Very interesting also is that she describes the Argentinian soccer teams as essentially pedophile operations:

Similarly, the soccer leagues in Argentina are essentially pedophilia + prostitution networks. The poorer boys are forced to perform sex acts in order to make the team (instead of normal try outs) and then they must continue to prostitute themselves in order to remain on the team. The handlers charge clients 200 pence for oral “sex”, and 1000 for anal (ew!). Many of these boys end up getting HIV. Boys as young as 12 years old are being forced into this.

The video (in Spanish) where Natacha Jaitt reveals her information:

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For sure they are doing this. This has been going on in sports for years. Not a Big Secret to those that hang around with jocks and the locker rooms. Do you remember the football stadium that had a heliport on the roof? Is this how they get trafficked children to the sports events for the Big Elites? I would not be surprised. Big money in this. It's really sick and disgusting. Sports is a Dirty Biz. Thanks for the info. Heading to your post.

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It's another big piece of the puzzle. Pizzagate is systemically established in our communities. Many organizations and institutions involved. Who knew? I sure didn't up until the Wikileaks emails.

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Is it coincidence that the gay locker room shit always seemed to revolve around guys who played hockey? (I didn't share many locker rooms with soccer players).

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Another soccer connection is James Alefantis is FB friends with an English soccer player who was involved with a drug gang. He ended up moving to India to play soccer for two separate periods of time in a city that is known for its problems with drugs and child trafficking.