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how come the boys were packed off to a monastary when they got back their parents saw them for a hot minute and then they were all whisked away to be monks was it to stop them sharing information ?

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Hmm that is extremely odd.. I wonder if this was planned before the whole cave saga or was it just something that was "randomly" decided? Maybe they saw or heard things they shouldn't have so they were whisked away to a "monastery" to be "treated" aka memories erased and conditioning applied..

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i felt sorry for the parents they nearly lost them and then they were held in the hospital and whisked off to a monastery

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Its very common and part of the culture to stay in a temple to make merit for a few weeks after a traumatic event. In this case they are thanking for their lives, to all who helped, and make merit for the death of the Thai Navy Seal. Honestly, if they didn't go into the temple for a few weeks after something like this it would look bad in a Buddhist culture.

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interesting ..... i forgot that guy died :(

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I think elon is part of the elite pizzagate abusers. He has a wicked need to change society drastically, that its probable that he dislikes humanity. On joe rogans podcast he revealed subtly his dislike of humanity. Joe later jokes for Elon to not enslave and eat humans as our overlord. He keeps hinting that AI is going to enslave humans since we are cancer to society. I think deep down Elon thinks like the elite do. He's definitely a sketchy character.. mark zuckerberg like..

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Yeah and he doesn’t even drive a Tesla, he drives a vintage Jaguar that runs on gas and takes private jets. So much for the Green movement and “climate change”. Total hoax to enslave humanity even more. Do as I say not as I do. These people are fucked.

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Elon Musk is a classic Pathological Narcissist like the Elite - why else would they have given him the job unless its to one of their own?

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cdan has indicated he's a violent dude who abuses his partners probably because he's off his head on drugs his image is definitely slipping and tesla isnt a company i would trust

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Wow. I just wrote something about the Wild Boars cave rescue a few seconds ago in another post about Pope Francis. An Argentinian prostitute working undercover has publicized her findings that Pope Francis' boyfriend is operating a pedophile network. Very interesting also is that she describes the Argentinian soccer teams as essentially pedophile operations:

Similarly, the soccer leagues in Argentina are essentially pedophilia + prostitution networks. The poorer boys are forced to perform sex acts in order to make the team (instead of normal try outs) and then they must continue to prostitute themselves in order to remain on the team. The handlers charge clients 200 pence for oral “sex”, and 1000 for anal (ew!). Many of these boys end up getting HIV. Boys as young as 12 years old are being forced into this.

The video (in Spanish) where Natacha Jaitt reveals her information:


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For sure they are doing this. This has been going on in sports for years. Not a Big Secret to those that hang around with jocks and the locker rooms. Do you remember the football stadium that had a heliport on the roof? Is this how they get trafficked children to the sports events for the Big Elites? I would not be surprised. Big money in this. It's really sick and disgusting. Sports is a Dirty Biz. Thanks for the info. Heading to your post.

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It's another big piece of the puzzle. Pizzagate is systemically established in our communities. Many organizations and institutions involved. Who knew? I sure didn't up until the Wikileaks emails.

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Is it coincidence that the gay locker room shit always seemed to revolve around guys who played hockey? (I didn't share many locker rooms with soccer players).

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Another soccer connection is James Alefantis is FB friends with an English soccer player who was involved with a drug gang. He ended up moving to India to play soccer for two separate periods of time in a city that is known for its problems with drugs and child trafficking.

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I also didn't realize that the cave was so close to the border with Myanmar (Burma), it is only a couple of miles away. Add that knowledge to the knowledge of how deep into the cave system they were (over 2 miles) and the fact that they were travelling in a westerly direction, which is towards that border, and it does indeed look a lot like they were being trafficked.

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Yea so we're meant to believe that they just went for a "quick" 3 mile stroll in to the caves after training? When I heard how deep they were I thought WTF are they doing that far in.. And now old Vern was supposed to be in there the next day, in a cave that possibly links to Myanmar?? This is no coincidence! Could we say that the "coach" was taking them to a certain point, possibly a camp, in the cave then Vern and Sawyer were to take them through to Myanmar where they would have been transported to fuck knows where?

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And since the Myanmar project was interrupted, the boys after being "rescued" were taken to a monastery near Thailand's border with...wait for it...Myanmar.


"The boys will reportedly be ordained at a temple on Chiang Rai mountaintop but will return to Wat Pha That Doi Wao monastery near Thailand's northern border with Myanmar, which said to be closer for their families to visit."

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Exactly. It's very suspicious.

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Here is Sawyer on film talking about how he just happened to be in the exact city of Chiang Rai on his way to Bangkok when the cave rescue was going down. That level of coincidence is not credible, in my view, especially since he himself expresses no amazement at the supposed synchronicity.


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Fiona Barnett calls Sawyer a Scum Bucket - Many are calling him out. Someone also posted how he was asking for money.


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yeah he is no longer flavour of the month thats for sure he has fallen from grace and he was there at that cave fiasco it wasnt reported on the media but he was there

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Yeah and asking for money. Was he involved with Underground Railroad at one point? Idk, I know Glenn Beck was.

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Apparently his daughter even has a go fund me for herself. She is late teens early 20s and is canvassing for donations. After all, Craig Sawyer is an ex military guy...

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Oh no. Another one waiting in the wings and ready to follow in his footsteps. Somehow I don't have a good feeling about him.

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Why is she asking for money when her 'dad' has $18 MILLIOn?? I think she's a paid actress.

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And thanks to @DeathToMasonsASAP there is this article that claims while in the cave the boys heard a roster, dogs barking and children playing. The article says this could be a shaft leading to the surface, but it could also be a camp further in the cave, possibly where the boys were heading.

Yes, they pick up on this too. They think there might be some kind of park there.

“Were those hallucinations or did they really hear it? Because that would mean there is livestock nearby or at least a forest, which would make an alternative entrance possible.”

Little do they know what this could mean. I hope to God the truth comes out here. Those boys could have disappeared and never to be seen again. This is what happens to many trafficked Children. Here now and Gone in a Flash.

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Anatomy of a coverup. Less than two days after Sawyer was told about the child torture camping site, it was bulldozed.

How does a serviceman have $18 MILLION in assets? The article says:

People like Sawyer are like magicians waving a kerchief saying "look over here" while they distract you from what's really going on... and they're getting plenty of help from the "truth community." This guy is a fraud, he's for sale- he cares about money not children.

This articles talks about Sawyer's initial response to the camp:

"I didn't expect to see something this heinous and inhumane this close" ... Sawyer told KOLD that as part of his research into the problem of child sex trafficking, he's "heard of rooms full of kids in houses and basements and things like that, but nothing underground like this."

"An underground cell, that's pretty creepy," Sawyer said, adding he saw another nearby site where "they are already digging with fresh tools and fresh dirt."

Now he's denying that the camp was anything at all. If it was nothing, why bulldoze the site IMMEDIATELY after it's found?

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Yes funny that.. Why bulldoze a supposed crime scene of apparent child traffickers he's supposedly hunting?

So Yuke just found this awesome but of info that adds even more strength to this..

This from Wikipedia on Vernon Unsworth: "Vern Unsworth, a British caver mapping the cave, stated, "Nobody’s to blame, not the coach, not the boys. They were just very unlucky ... It wasn’t just the rain that day, the mountain is like a sponge and waters from earlier rain were raising the levels". Unsworth said that he himself had been planning to make a solo venture into the complex on 24 June, when he received a telephone call saying the boys were missing there." - the boys entered the cave on 23 June. What a coincidence!

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Thanks for continuing to cover this incident. My spidey senses were tingling about it from the get-go. I wonder if "wild boars" is code for something. Do the pedophiles hunt young boys in caves? I don't know, I hate to even suggest it, but I just wonder. Is it significant, or not, hat when Theresa May posed with the Thai cave rescuers she was wearing BRIGHT RED shoes:


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Typical red shoes. And that's a good point, well its not good but you know what I mean, about "Wild Boars" possibly being a code word. Because what do people do with wild boars? Hunt them... And another GOAT added that some of the boys come from villages that move around and have came from.across the border, therefore have no papers and are not citizens.. Perfect for these sickos.

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