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The Catholics I have seen, are so immersed in the church that I doubt they will do anything

to take someones faith like that is so .....I dont even have the word

but to take the innocence of a child is murder in my book

line them on on a ocean beach shore and bury them in sand up to their heads before full tide

let them suffer their sins, since they are above mans law, let their God judge them

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I swear until people get out of lala land. We must educate people differently. We need better leaders.

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You know that I agree to your full statement. I am hoping that they will rise up at the Upcoming Protest and show up for the Victims. But also push the leaders in their states and diocese to finally get to the truth. All Victims deserve Justice, especially Our Children, but the seminarians too, that were so horribly raped. God is crying, he has never stopped, imo. The devil needs to be driven out of the Vatican.

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where are the priests that do not rape? do they not condone this behavior? Is this what they want their religion to be?

are there any priests that do not rape?

going to look for abusers in other religions, this is Not just a Catholic Perversion

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I am a Catholic and the good Catholic women and men in my circle reject and deplore all forms of evil. We cannot let them tarnish the faith of the faithful with the rotten fruit of the bunch.

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The time has come for Catholics to find out what "The Blood of Christ" means. If they Know, they are already working to end this heinous travesty. If they don't, they're about to find out their whole lives are fake and their houses built on sand.

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" There can be no tolerance for sexual misconduct perpetrated by clergy or lay people within the Church now or ever again.”

Every parish office should submit to random computer checks for child porn.

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Well, that ought to keep LE pretty busy. I love your idea! Starting tomorrow. Surprise Raids!

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Most of the time, they really don't believe you. That's what happened to me. My rapist walks free.

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We here know that is true. There are always those ready to discount the claims of the Victim. I believe though that it is changing. This priests video is amazing and should be shared. It will spread the horrors of the abuse and also will open the doors to belief in the Victims and also SRA. I am so sorry you have not received The Justice You Deserve. <3

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thank you

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I believe you. My family has suffered similarly. I don't put my faith in human justice thankfully, there's no fooling God.

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To protect the children the head of the Church needs to step down. He is no supporter of children's rights. See his record in Argentina when children of dissidents in the 1970s were ripped from their parents and placed in military homes. https://voat.co/v/politics/2682401

"Bergoglio has a very cowardly attitude when it comes to something so terrible as the theft of babies,"

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Bergoglio''s hands are dirty from the dirty war yes, and the involvement with the disappearance of two priests but his silence on these stolen babies is deafening. He has had numerous letters from the Grandmothers pleading with him and he refuses them. This is the next thing that must be Broadcast Globally. Many have read of this but not enough. This is a copy of when they took the babies from unwed mothers decades ago in England. That is why the movie Philomena was made. No wonder he throws out a few I am sorry words but does nothing. He is guilty of the same crimes. This pope must be held accountable for his crimes. There is a criminal pope in the Vatican. Or should I say devil?

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The Antichrist laughs.

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What do you mean by that? Please explain.

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I mean he has infiltrated the Catholic Church and that it serves him now. The pope telling people it's OK to pray in a mosque?

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"Fr. Thomas called on all Catholics to pray and fast and to act to triumph over the evil."

God has given us the tools to do more than pray. Catholics must actively Be proactive in taking their church back.

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Yep. If possible Catholics should make their way to the Huge Protest that is being organized. Anyone near there, should attend. Those that are not Catholics should have an interest in this as well. There is much of this within other religions as well and it may scare the HE77 out of them too.

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Who, what, where, and when? Is there something in the works?

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I feel as though the spiritual aspects of demonic entities being real (just as high vibrational, light entities are real + infinitely more powerful) are so often overlooked in pizzagate / cabal discussions.

I appreciate this article bringing that to light. All of this is overflow of a spiritual warfare that many can't see / feel in other dimensions.

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I agree. Yes, there is a war between good and evil right now. We all have to do what we can to spread that news and for people to start changing their ways. The devil must not win this fight, at all costs.

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Just discovered an old post by @Gilderoy https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2281283 Catholic Exorcist, Fr. Chad Ripperger, warns about Pizzagate and occult activities of the elite

Last week, Fr. Chad Ripperger, a well known exorcist and traditional Catholic priest, gave a series of (very well illustrated) video lectures on the prophecies of Our Lady regarding our times. In Part I, he discusses the Podesta emails. His experiences as an exorcist have led him to do his own research on the subject of the globalist pedophile elite. His consultations with other exorcists have confirmed his conclusions that we are in the midst of a cosmic battle between good and evil, and the Satanic forces are extraordinarily strong and resistant to the Church's rite of exorcism and prayers.

Amazing! Thank you for such a great and valuable post! I am going to read it Comments and All.

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