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@Crensch @Kevdude @think- -- heads up

@srayzie @Shizy You should ban this user from v/GreatAwakening as well.


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Thank you. We’re getting a lot of these.


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Please downvote all comments by this account and remain vigilant for accounts meant to impersonate and discredit other well-known investigators.

Aye aye, Captain.


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Upvoat the good stuff. Downvoat the shit outta the shitposts.


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Will do! Thanks!!!


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The following is for educational purposes and is not an attempt to take sides, rather, to help try to understand what is going on here.

I make no claim to be certain of the situation, these are just my findings after some digging.

Duffy on twitter:

(D1) https://twitter.com/Duffy_1958 Account created on October 9th, 2016

Duffy on voat:

(D2) https://voat.co/user/Duffy_1958 Account created on January 3rd, 2017

(D3) https://voat.co/user/Duffy1958 Account created on April 22nd, 2018

All of the above accounts indeed appear to belong to the same person.

Becki on twitter:

(B1) https://twitter.com/bex_p96 Account created on April 11th, 2014

(B2) https://twitter.com/becki_p20 Account created on June 30th, 2016

Becki, via B2, has said(in conversation with Vindicator) that she is not on voat:

I have just banned @Becki_Percy_speaks, after confirming with Becki that she does not own this account.


The following youtube video was posted to v/pizzagate on December 30th, 2016:

Becki, a victim of #childtrafficking, speaks out on #pizzagate, the ineffectiveness of CPS, why victims of child trafficking often dont come forward, and how child traffickers utilize social media.;

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7wjO_uwIBA | https://invidio.us/watch?v=O7wjO_uwIBA

D2 made the following comment in the above thread on January 4th, 2017:

[https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1526865/7487892/4 | https://archive.is/AFx8J]

^ D2 claims to be the person who helped Becki come to the US.


The following thread was posted to v/pizzagate on December 31st, 2016:

Account deleted by user; thread title unknown:

Becki ‏@becki_percy 30 Dec 2012 Would love to be famous like @JahmeneDouglas or @NicoleScherzy :D 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes Reply Retweet



Her twitter is pretty revealing. It's still active here: https://twitter.com/becki_percy.

I did save it with screen caps. Very obsessed with fame and celebrities.

https://voat.co/user/wgvdl made the following comment in the above thread on December 21st, 2016:

[https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1529107/7437689 | https://archive.is/NxPu4]:

Sure, that this is the twitter account of Becki Percy who gave the testimonial? I found three accounts related to some "Becki Percy" but only one that let me identify her without a doubt (bex_p96).

D2 made the following comment in the above thread on March 26th, 2017:

[https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1529107/8558569/2 | https://archive.is/PSgq9]

^ D2 reiterates her claim to have assisted Becki in coming to the US, mentions that she herself is also a survivor of child abuse & says she believes Becki's story after having confirmed it in "many ways".



Per what was said by wgvdl, B1's twitter activity largely mirrors that of B2, lending credibility to the confirmation that B1 and B2 are both accounts owned by Becki Percy.

Note: The last sign of activity from B1 was on April 19th, 2015.

The following tweet from B1 was posted on February 14th, 2015:

[https://twitter.com/bex_p96/status/566264999581327360 | https://archive.is/ChY2v]:

My interview on my abuse can be found here http://www.unspokenspoken.org/2015/02/interview-with-childhood-sexual-abuse.html


Interview article from above tweet, via archive.is: https://archive.is/M8iSI

Note: In the replies to the above tweet, we see B1 communicating with the following twitter account, whose bio is similar to that of D1 and both of which have the name "Catherine Grace" in their display name:

(D0) https://twitter.com/Catherinemoncad Account created on August 9th, 2012.


Therefore, pending confirmation/denial from Becki Percy herself, I am of the understanding that Catherine(D0-D3) is indeed the person who helped Becki(B1-B2) into the US.



Jumping to the current climate now, with the understanding that Catherine is in control of both D2 & D3 and that Becki has said that she is not on voat at all.

Here is the initial comment made by Becki_Percy_speaks on September 7th, 2018: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2706806/13738711

^ In the above comment, is a link to the September 2018 archive of Catherine's blog. The snapshot does not show all entries in the September blog archive; see original link for more:

https://catherinemoncada21.wordpress.com/2018/09/ | https://archive.is/jep83


It is safe to say that the above blog is indeed controlled by Catherine(D0-D3), based on recent tweets from D1 and the contents thereof being included in the latest blog entries. D1's twitter activity as of ~June/July 2018 also brings 3 more prominent twitter accounts into the mix, with another level of claims & fraud accusations:

(AOS) https://twitter.com/AnOpenSecret

(TWP) https://twitter.com/TWPundit

(SRA(Sarah Ruth Ashcraft)) https://twitter.com/SaRaAshcraft

The following tweet by D1 was made on ~July 29th 2018:

[https://twitter.com/Duffy_1958/status/1023491740798349313 | https://archive.is/KXGr2]:

No one wants to beat up on survivors of satanic ritual abuse, not @AnOpenSecret ... nor me. I’m not going to sit and just let this go. I support @AnOpenSecret and their estimation or Rebecca Percy. I do so because after GOING BACK, I’ve found nothing to support her claim of SRA.

^ The above tweet is a retweet of the following by AOS, posted on ~July 28th, 2018:

[https://twitter.com/AnOpenSecret/status/1023447299530403845 | https://archive.is/9E4be]:

We gave away FREE our acclaimed film exposing powerful Hollywood child molesters & have exposed more of them since

@becki_p20 scams 1st US guardian & others >$40k in gofundme, ridiculous stories (parents killed “thousands” in U.K)

Exposing fraud is not “controlled opposition”

^ The above tweet is a retweet of the following by SRA, posted on ~July 28th, 2018:

[https://twitter.com/SaRaAshcraft/status/1022856670387552258 | https://archive.is/BtHmd]:

I blocked @AnOpenSecret for overtly attacking #SRA #RitualAbuse survivor & asylum seeker @becki_p20. Whoever runs that twitter account, I believe the account is controlled opposition - meant to be a limited hangout, ulterior task is to discredit legit victims & hide the cult IMHO

^ The above tweet is part of a chain of replies to the following tweet by TWP, posted on ~July 27th, 2018:

Note: The screenshot shared in the following tweet is allegedly of a facebook messenger conversation which Michael of TWP had with the AOS facebook account, which Michael alleges to confirm that AOS does not have an active twitter account...

[https://twitter.com/TWPundit/status/1022751461833420802 | https://archive.is/7DHoJ]:

Looks like someone else is a fraud. Those who scream the loudest are the most guilty.


^ The above tweet is part of a chain of replies to the following by AOS, posted on ~July 26th, 2018:

[https://twitter.com/AnOpenSecret/status/1022707771328872448 | https://archive.is/wcY4B]:


NO research, evidence, or investigation & claiming they “delete tweets with names”

HURTS children, because it de-legitimizes serious work of exposing powerful child molesters

If you follow & support @TWPundit

Then please unfollow us. Seriously.





There is a serious problem with TWP's counter-claim of fraud, against AOS:

Given that Michael of TWP's screenshots do not contain the username of the account he allegedly communicated with, and that it is very easy to manufacture the content of such screenshots, I checked Facebook for AOS.

Facebook has the following 2 accounts associated with usernames matching or similar to "An Open Secret":

https://www.facebook.com/pg/anopensecret/about/?ref=page_internal | https://archive.is/UDpcx

https://www.facebook.com/pg/AnOpenSecretDoc/about/?ref=page_internal | https://archive.is/wEbWA

The latter of which uses the AOS avatar and does indeed list https://twitter.com/anopensecret as their twitter account, which of course is treated the same as https://twitter.com/AnOpenSecret when visited.

So, who exactly did Michael of TWP communicate with?



Further correspondence between AOS and D1 can be found via the following AOS twitter thread, posted on ~September 8th, 2018:

https://twitter.com/AnOpenSecret/status/1038572258946625536 | https://archive.is/xpxOa

^ In the above thread & replies thereto, Catherine discusses threads on both Reddit & Voat.

Note: Catherine appears to genuinely believe that Becky has been posting on Reddit & Voat.


Someone or some people involved in this, is/are fibbing!

Who is it?

Note: Reddit has, since September 12th 2018, banned subreddits greatawakening & thegreatawakening.


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Thanks for all of this, argosciv.

Quite a while ago, I had to ban one or two users from v/pizzagatewhatever for pretending to be becki. You can find them in the Removed submissions area and the ban list. I don't remember all the details. It might shed additional light. They also were making fake posts about her on Twitter, using edited excerpts of her video(s).

There is a definite difference in tone between becky_p20 and the Voat users I banned and becki_percy_speaks. BP20 on Twitter is the only real account I was aware of for her. When this first started happening a year ago or whenever I banned them the first time, she seemed fairly new to most social media. In fact, as I recall, someone reached out to me on her behalf to get the shitposts on Voat cleaned up, because she didn't have an account and didn't know how to navigate Voat.


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No worries.

I'll have a bit more of a snoop around voat at some point, there's plenty of little things worth making a note of in this situation. One way or another, it's becoming yet another source of division among the general population of researchers and purported victims/survivors. The question still remains as to who's telling the truth and who's embelishing the facts, though, I have some suspicions that I best not air explicitly in public.


I will say this, though:

Becki's story seemed a lot more grounded and credible in 2015 when shared via bex_p96; it seems to have taken on a particular new theme as of 2016. I'd encourage curious parties to compare the differences and ask themselves if others somehow influenced Becki to adopt new talking points - making note of Sarah's initials... it's worth thinking about, despite how unpopular the implications are.


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Slight errors fixed, @Vindicator. If you notice any more please point them out.


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I don't know. I mean believe whatever the hell you want, and from whomever you want. But as someone who was harassed by Becki on Twitter into giving her the finer details of my CSA story, I don't want any part of what she's selling (including her candle business that she spammed me with links to the moment I followed her account when I signed up to twitter), and I certainly don't believe her attacks against @Duffy1958 were by a fraudulent account.

Strange though how some victims are believed, and others are not. And when one person defends themselves, they're a "lame psyop".