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Here's an article that explains the meaning of the Japanese movie Spirited Away:


Makes it obvious why Schneider was showing it to the kids.

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This arguably makes Dan’s actions even worse. According to that article, Spirited Away was meant to expose the evils of the sex industry.

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I always hated that movie. Now I know why.

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A lot of animes and Western cartoons have a lot of creepy pedophilic occult stuff in them.

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Depends. There are some anime/video game industry white hats.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni has arcs that are a giant expose on corrupt/incompetent CPS/foster care (author was a former social worker) with the final arc being about stopping a false flag designed to kill over 2000 people. The sequel talks about stolen Axis gold being used by an elite family into the occult. The author really hates child abusers, for those who harm children end up suffering some pretty horrific fates.

Reddit Refugee had an interesting article about how Spirited Away was intended to be a subtle expose on the sex industry.

I could also mention Dangan Ronpa Ultra Despair Girls and its no punches pulled subtlety of a brick expose of Pedowood.

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i think ariana is emotionally abusive towards her boyfriends because she herself was abused

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She's abusive? Source?

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It doesn't help that Disney dubbed a few Ghibli movies.

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Now what about Dan Harmon cause that guy sucks.