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I still don't see why so many people believe that Jews are the cause of the world's problems. If the elite really practiced Judaism, they would not be doing those's like saying Catholics make all Christians suspect. Also, I think the Catholic church has always been like this, they were not infiltrated by Jews.....the leaders have been in league with bad forces. But really, who knows for sure I could be wrong.

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Written by a jew, albeit one who isn't afraid of going against the grain. It's a long read but well worth it if you want to try to understand the jewish mind.

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My father freaked out when I told him what I was researching and what my thoughts were. Then I freaked out. It wasn't great. But I really believe he's still "bluepilled" so to speak, still in the flow of popular culture and unable to fully detach himself from what he's always known. It's so hard to convince people to trust the scientific method and actually investigate these matters with an open mind, instead of residing within a "feel-good" shell of "official" beliefs.

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Thanks man, that's really helpful