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I have a feeling if those seminarians don't file lawsuits against McCarrick for sexual abuse, it will be on record that he only had one case against him. To that child of course, it was a horrid experience that will haunt him for life. But the Church can say, as they usually do, he has changed his ways and turned his life around. He after all is living a life of nothing but prayers and penance. Imo, he should be in jail. I have a feeling there other altar boys from the past. We and those that have interest in reading these articles will be the only ones that will know. Others, the sheep, sadly are not interested unless it is on Netflix or CNN. Let's hope they band together and every sordid detail comes out. McCarrick was known to take as many as 5 seminarians into his bed at one time. I am sure there was fear to not comply or they would feel his wrath and retribution. Monsignor Thomas J. Benestad is known to have a vile personality and a man of arrogance. I presume McCarrick is not much different. That is the way of all Narcissists.

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Imo, he should be in jail.

Yep. An excellent place to spend a life in prayer and penance.

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I don't know how they get away with it. Everyone else has to go to jail for these crimes. What's the deal that they have made and why does it continue. Laws must be followed or laws must be passed to say that the Church can no longer allow them to go free. They must follow our laws whether from this country or not. Also no more Diplomatic Immunity! No ifs and or buts!

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