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Lots of Freemason symbolism. You guys need to wake up on these freemasons.

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Thanks for the link, I have firsthand experiences with them. Really weird to see pizzagate shit irl.

One thing this video has wrong is the Hitler part. Hitler only denounced masonry in public, but this was a subterfuge. He and the rest of the Nazis were freemasons, funded by the jewish bankers. He is rumored to actually be a Rothschild. The George HW Bush's father and uncle were head of the Nazi HQ in Manhattan. All our leaders are in cahoots against the people.

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Absolutely! Those on the lower level don't always know, but those at the top Know Exactly what is going on and Who they are serving!

One of these temples in my little town and we recently had a school shooting and bomb threat with lockdown and dogs brought in to crawl the lower levels.

Guess what's happening now and who's getting rich off of contracts.

So much security, it's like a prison now.

But hey, they have justification to get more tax money out of us now! They'll be able to get people to vote for it.

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They have to increase the debt...we r not doing anything at the tressury to reduce it... ..they r only under an obligation from us to increase debt ...their licence from us stops them from.reduce debt by destroying treasury bills...only we can destroy treasury bills with our labour credit.. ..we r responsible for this mess..they r just following our orders

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nice work

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Thank you!

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Pentagons are one of the many shapes that are used in Saturn worship.

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And the center of a pentagram

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Absolutely! There is a reason that symbology and shape is mimicked all over.
There's nothing satan loves more than people giving place and homage to him whether they realize they are or not. One of his main motivators as when he fell, he took rebellious angels with him so they would worship him instead of God.

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Isn't the MOCA stuff connected to Marina Abramovic? Or did she just do that one auction with the spirit cooking theme?

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She is a hero to these MOCA people! Did you see the ball they did back in 2011 of course with food on the menu that read like the declassified FBI pedo codes.

This video shows photos and footage that will give a vey clear Picture of Exactly what they are "symbolizing," and blatantly mirroring. I want to say, this is not an endorsement of any means. Just a way for people to see what goes on at this events.

Moca Gala Ball 2011 Here

Also, Marina is friends with many Hollywood elites, entertainers, people like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Art of Elysium's heave featuring Marina Abramovic Here

John Legendf eatured this year in 2018 Art of Elysium heaveHere

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Flight turned around why Here This covered issues from Qanon drops. No need to watch whole thing as these reports are in depth just go to 17:35 - 32:24

Covers what Teigen and John Legend are involved and who they are connected to. Also More footage and another well done video is shown in this report and covers some of Pizzagate

Why are these people like Teigen who has laughed at pedo's so idolized by these people? I realize you know this answer, but I wonder if those still worshipping these people realize what they Really do. Either they don't know or they Know and Don't Care. Sad.

Isn't it Interesting that their "Art show" contained the word Elysium? Remember when there was a sting called Operation Elysium?

"The sting, dubbed Operation Elysium, was launched on the eve of the G20 in Hamburg, throwing the global summit into disarray after key members of at least two European delegations were held by police,"

Prosecutors released a statement saying Elysium “was used for global exchanges of child pornography by its members and to arrange meetings to sexually abuse children.”

The “Elysium” platform, built as a forum, has existed since the end of 2016, and was only accessible via the so-called Darknet, Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office and BKA Federal Police said in a statement, according to Reuters, who is also reporting the arrests.

Police have arrested several users of the website, mainly in Germany and Austria, the police statement said.

I did a report last year on this here which also covered other rings MSM won't dare discuss. I wonder why? ICE Arrests 32 Sex Offenders In Long Island, Operation Elysium High Level Politician PedophilesHere

Can you believe All that have been arrested and the rings brought down just in the last year and a half. Obama Didn't do this and Never would. I wonder why he wasn't concerned for these victims not just here in the US, but around the world.

For those who still think Marina Abramovic and all these elitists she mixes in with are "just expressing themselves" . they should simply pull up images of the art work she does. Get a bucket ready!

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Can you believe All that have been arrested and the rings brought down just in the last year and a half. Obama Didn't do this and Never would. I wonder why he wasn't concerned for these victims not just here in the US, but around the world.

Obama is a pedo

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Anyone know what the significance of the Bee/Wasp is? I see that image appear a lot in these circles; artwork, posters, tattoos etc.

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Also called by God in the Bible as a hornet. Hornet in Hebrew is Tsirah which has a numerical value of 365.

  • 365 number of days in a year.

  • How long Enoch lived Genesis 5:23 And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:

  • Enoch received direct info from God on time, space, stars and earth.

  • The Great Pyramid (yes it is steeped in the occult, but satan tries to coopt what is God's and God's people's heritage) is called Pa-Hanoch meaning House of Enoch or what the ancients called. . .the Pillar of Enoch

  • Isaiah 19:19 In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD.

  • The technology used to build the Great Pyramid was taken from the information God directly gave to Enoch.

See Example 1 Here

  • Notice sides of Great Pyramid are somewhat concave to mirror the curvature of the earth

  • So, if you draw a line between Any two corners, the distance is 365.432 which is a sacred cubits number. Remember the ark built in cubits.

  • 365.432 is also the precise number of days in a year based on solar system.

Example 2 Here

  • If you you look at the length in Ex. 2 from the midpoint of the vertices which A-1 to B-1 to point B. . .you get 365.256 which are also considered Sacred Cubits as the difference between solar year and these legs is. This is .014 cubits which means. . .it is 14 thousandths longer from one corner to the next.

  • . This number .014 is the time which pans out to 20 minutes for the stars to reposition themselves in the same place as the prior year.

  • If you take the measurement basically of the full vertices from A to AB to B you get 365.259 which is the longest yet. . .And is .003 longer than prior measurement.

  • That is the length of time for the earth to reposition itself in it's same place of orbit nearest the sun. Called an anamolistic year, which is about 5 min. longer than the sidereal year (sidereal year where the fixed stars reposition).

  • With hornet having a numerical value of 365 (remember hornets and wasps both belong to Vespidae familywith hornets having a somewhat larger head), they became the Royal Symbol of Egypt. You will see them in Phoenician art and other ancient cultures.

  • Perhaps this hearkens back to the Egyptians feeling terror, and then as so many cultures do. . .they began idolizing and worshipping God's Creation rather than the Creator Himself. Deuteronomy 7:20 Moreover the Lord thy God will send the hornet among them, until they that are left, and hide themselves from thee, be destroyed.

  • A bee symbol was depicted in the Pharaoh's crown as the Bee was Lower Egypt's symbol and Upper Egypt's symbol was the Reed. The crown represented both territories. The Great Pyramid was situated between them. Of course only one of the many creatures Egyptians symbolized on their crowns through history. . .also used hornet or bee or hornet stinger curled up, braids, serpents, etc.

  • God definitely used the hornet because he says in Joshua 24:12 12 And I sent the hornet before you, which drave them out from before you, even the two kings of the Amorites; but not with thy sword, nor with thy bow.

  • . Was the hornet possibly a symbol that caused Fear? Was it a way different kingdoms knew someone had God's power behind them?

However you look at it. ..Satan's mo is always co-opting that which God uses, and turning it into his own devices, hoping to lead many down a false path or way of destruction.

Whether they were showing the power in the art work or giving place to satan's turning God's creation into something to worship. . .it is clear many occult artists and sects use this wasp or hornet symbol.

It's important to note, you probably know this, but Enoch was one of two who was taken with God when he was done on this earth and did not die in the regular manner.
Satan knows this. . .sees power in Enoch and the words God spoke to him when he when up to heaven and was later returned.

Another reason these Mystical Religions and organizations like Free Masonry, Hollywood and the like say they have a mystery religion. They try to take and they do Indeed twist it. . .Enoch's knowledge. They also try to hide this from God's people and the world. . .Why do You suppose satan and his followers do this?

Also important to note. . .Enoch was 1 and Elijah was the 2nd witness to God without death when God took them. Are they still witnesses?

(12 And I sent the hornet before you, which drave them out from before you, even the two kings of the Amorites; but not with thy sword, nor with thy bow.)

Bee or Hornet on ancient coin Here

I hope that helps some. Great question and clearly Key for the ancients and these "false religions" based upon this symbology!

Saw it some of these lowbrow artist's work, which is yet more evicend (if the pedo stuff wasn't enough for some) that these people are serving evil.

Where else have you seen it?

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Thanks man, great info. It features in many places in these societies (DC, Portland etc). It is quite literally everywhere. As mentioned, posters, artwork and so on, even pizza boxes, other food boxes, flyers, you name it. It does seem to be very specific to these circles though. You go off down a rabbit hole and always find them. If I remember rightly there is a large mural on wall near to Comet Ping Pong and that featured the Bee/Wasp/Hornet...whatever it is, too. I'll try and find a pic.

EDIT: It's called "73 cents" by Regina Holliday, it's just behind the CVS on Connecticut Avenue. Picture of the Hornet (she does name it as a Hornet, not a Wasp or Bee) by the clock here Picture of the Hornet here

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Wow! Interesting link especially where it states,

Wow! Where it says, “hence reproduction of the species must be culled, ergo the drones are removed through medication, through poisons in the food and water. They promote Inversion (homosexuality), the destruction of the bonds between children and parent, to secure damaged and broken humans to blindly serve the technocracy to give them value without the family unit getting in the way."

It’s all about the money, the value, but ultimately it is about creating a system be which the few can remove the world from nature and natural law, by removing those not acting the nightmare script called; “the new world order.”

Those parts, very apt!

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This said on Amazon under the Anima Mundi description.

Mark Ryden’s paintings instantly trigger a warped deja vu. His work recalls a parallel universe of 1950s Golden Books and the whimsy of Lewis Carroll. His cheery bunnies, rendered in the glowing hues of children’s books, are likely to be carving slabs of meat rather than frolicking in the forest. Ryden’s work mingles superb technique with outre images to create a world of strange and disturbing beauty. “At once intriguing and unsettling, baffling and enchanting, [Ryden’s] works ... are subtle amalgams of many sources and influences as wide-ranging as Psychedelic and Vienna School artists Neon Park and Ernst Fuchs, to classical French formalists Ingres and David.” — Panik

Lewis Carroll as you all know was friends with a very young Alice and took what many believe were inappropriate photos of her and other young girls.

The Psychedellic theme is where they eventually want everyone to head towards in the mixing of the dimensions. They want it to be considered the norm, just as they want lines blurred for age of consent. . .which we know is nothing short of predatory!

The Psychedelic theme and pushing the envelope was employed from the practice of the Tavistock Institute and brought over to the US to forward what was ultimately a breakdown in society for their Globalist Agenda.

They worship this artist in Hollywood because he portrays their desires and degradation, They try to justify their evil by using the excuse of art.

As you would suspect this artist is heralded by MOCA.

There is another you can find out there called Blood.

The BLOOD Exhibition Book -- 2nd Edition features details, drawings, and paintings from Mark Ryden's 2003 "Blood" solo exhibition at Earl McGrath Gallery. The 110-page, hard bound book is larger than the previous edition and contains 16 additional pages.

Why would this be preferred in art work. Why these kind of fantasies? Do you find this disturbing?

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Theres a tv show called santa clarita diet. Its about a wife that became infected, became a zombie and turned into a cannibal. She functions as a regular person yet now she is a cannibal. The show writers write in jokes without sarcasm about the morgue worker that asks the wife if she wants to fuck a dead body. Her first feast was on a childs foot. They oddly know about facts about how long a dead body is good for on ice.. They tell their dark secrets on tv.. They try to make people laugh when they talk about murder, incest, cheating.

In the tv show they reference Magic Mountain, the ski lodge. Like 3-4 times for no reason. A character talks about doing a deal in Magic Mountain. Selling body parts, and says "thats not even the top 3 worse things that goes on in that parking lot".. What is worse than selling body parts?? Pizzagate.

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You're right! I've heard of it and knew Drew Barrymore stars in it.

She's been around since a little girl in their realm so can't even begin to Imagine what kinds of programing she has gone through and still carries out.

They have all kinds of places they go to their in CA to carry out their wicked deeds.

As you know the Holly wood is based on sorcery and evil. There is a reason many of these people come from the same area. Of course they are everywhere, but there is quite the concentration of them there in the land meant to distract and be a model for carrying out their globalist. . .luciferian agenda!

Clearly they are and have been wanting to Normalize all of their debauchery and foul forms of wickedness.

Even on here on posts you will see those "pretending" to be for the cause of Good and destroying evil attempting to wreak havoc.

As far as I'm concerned they are with Them and demonstrate demonic activity as Right now more than ever the gates of hell are opened and these false people (entities) are shrieking like crazy while name calling and trying to put down those Exposing Exactly who they are and Who They Stand For!

As Q says, These People are Sick!

They truly do disgust me!

As I research and them receive the comments I do on Voat from obvious paid Media Matters. . .Shareblue trolls. ..I get sick to my stomach because they all prey upon innocents, then fool Many around them including those who think they have good hearts.

I don't see Good Hearts in demonic phrases, words and trying to take away from the Good of the Movement!

a lot of Tells when you see people interact and turn a blind eye to the infiltrators. . .sad because that is Exactly how the "higher ups" operate in Hollywood and through out this pane of existence!

Thank you for sharing this redwing14. You have pointed to how they get people to enjoy and laugh at what they are Actually Doing in real life. It's a Win, Win for them. They carry on their evil, make money off of it, call anyone who tries to expose it conspiracy theorists or wicked just as the Bible states,

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! . Isaiah 5:20

I am Sick of their Wickedness and even more Sick and Tired of those Who allow these evil ones to keep spewing their lies, garbage and attacks.

There is One above every single person who allows this to go on unchecked. He is not going to continue tolerating their vile, Obvious evil. There are people Taking them down and Picking them off one by one.

They think their god of satan is bigger and greater than our God, but our God is Greater, Stronger and more Powerful and He Will Seek Vengeance upon these liars, haters and attackers!

There Will be a Day!

Remember the Taco Bell commercial? They're all smug now just as the attackers here, but God stated. . . He will allow for a season, but He will Not be Mocked.

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That is not art, it's painted perversion

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Agreed! They will use every which way to justify it. They also get those pretending to stand for "free expression," to condone, rave about and act like they are contributing something grandiose, when all it Really is, is a justification for said *perversion!

Art has been a cover and pathway for them for Years! Yet another way to display, signal and communicate their depravity. Not to mention a cover and method for them to funnel funds, set up protection laws and loopholes they can "transport" whatever they desire for their rituals. They are Sick!

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OP, I think you meant Mark, not Mike in your title? Mark Parker, Nike's CEO, is also the director of the Walt Disney Company. This type of art is an obvious homage of their pedovore activities. Thinking of the artist for a change: what type of depravity-filled life must one go through to imagine such imagery that's translated back into "art"?!? These people are sick!!!

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Yes, you are correct. My mistake in the title. Definitely Mark Parker as he has the same first name as this favorite artist of his.

Thanks for the correction.

I would delete and re-submit since we can't edit titles, but doing it this way took Forever to drop in.

You are right about the friendship with Director of Disney. These people network, mingle and share interests for sure!

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