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I get who this guy is and what symbolism is. I know pizzagate is real. What I don't get is why this guy can't eat pizza with his daughter without others being suspicious. Have we ever had any reason to believe he is anything but a former victim since he escaped that life?

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@Z11Mama. First off, NOWHERE in my post did I accuse Paul of any improprieties with his daughter. But if you know the Franklin Scandal in and out, and it sounds to me like you don't, then you would be alarmed at the fact that this guy just pops up in the local media after years of laying low, eating 'pizza' at a school with kids. The bottom line is that this guy knows NAMES of people at the highest levels that were/are involved in child sex trafficking and snuff films. Isn't that the crux of what we are doing here? If you are a good detective you are going to check out all your leads. And my main purpose was to see if anyone could shine a light further on his activities or info. Leave no stone unturned. There are a lot of shills on here, and for good reason. This is the topic the elite is scared of getting out inconclusively because they know this is something we could ALL get together against them for.

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This is a general conversation among commenters. At no point did I imply this was about you. I asked questions. The fact I asked questions and you felt the need to attack...well...That says a lot.

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@Z11mama: I get what you are saying and I myself am conflicted. If he has managed to make a decent life for himself and to have a family after all he has been through, he should be left alone. But he has been both victim and perpetrator in an organized sex ring involving elites. If memory serves me right did he not implicate Hunter Thompson as being present during the making of a snuff film where a rape, torture and murder of a boy took place? Does he have anything of value to add to today's scrutiny of the scourge of pedophilia? Can he name persons who have not yet been identified as being part of the sex ring?

You cant buy stolen goods unless someone has first stolen those items and made them available. Conversely if there is no market for the stolen goods, then there is no point in stealing them (except for providing yourself with an item. )

The kidnapping and transporting and care of children to be used by elites is a vile business and. a costly one. The elites are not doing the day-to-day dirty work but are paying handsomely I presume for spending an evening or weekend with one or more victims. It is facinating to ponder the process whereby the lives of these elites intersect with the most repulsive criminals imaginable.

Have all the elites been identified in this particular saga? I have sometimes questioned the credibility of some of the more "famous" survivors because their list of elites with whom they had sex were almost too extensive. Should Mr. Bonacci be approached or not?

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I personally think Paul Bonacci is a shill. He had my deepest sympathy at one time but not anymore.

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Great find - or maybe not. The Paul Bonnaci eating pizza and salad (served up by the school cafeteria) certainly resembles the Franklin scandal Bonacci in the few images available on the Internet. ( Just type his name under Google and press "images". ) He also appears to be the right age, 51 or so. A name search on Spokeo and White Pages reveals a Paul Bonacci, age 51 or in his 50s living in Nebraska formerly in Omaha. No other Bonaccis that age. There are 10 Paul Bonaccis in NY, but only one in his 50s and he has no connections to Nebraska. I think you found the right guy. We all know about the Franklin scandal and yes its Pizzagate 101. However we should always think about newbies when making a post. We want more and more believers and truthseekers on board.

On the other hand, if I were Paul and a father, I would hope that this post would be deleted.

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Just wanna point out.. most survivors do Not turn into perpetrators

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@3141592653. Data to support this? I've read the contrary. Almost all child predators were once victims. Not saying either way, but evidence is needed to assert that anecdotal statement.

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It's based on research, not anecdotal . I will find some links. Many victims don't become perps , and many perps weren't victims . Also do u have evidence for your side?

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Have you read or listened to his deposition? He was forced to rape kids by the pedophole ring, but when the recorded interview was done by Gary Caradori Paul was about 22/23 years old and was in jail due to raping his 13 year old relative. He is been away from the pedo ring and still engaged in the sexual abuse of a child. I hope he's ok now and was able to get help, but he did in fact become a perpetrator.

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I have listened to his deposition...brutal stuff. As for the 13 y.o., either I didn't know or had forgotten . Where can I learn more about this?

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He was in jail for raping his 13 year old relative. That does not make it a fact that he became a perpetrator. When one has been as broken as he was, we don't get to assume anything. Especially if his conviction had anything to do with revenge or intimidation as we know is common.

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I've researched Paul Bonacci extensively, and the Franklin Scandal as well. By "extensively" I mean that I've listened to hundreds of hours of documentation by people like Ted L. Gunderson (his evidence is listed here: http://tedgunderson.info/index%20-%20copy%20-%20copy%20-%20copy.htm) and of course Paul Bonacci's deposition. Shizy, I don't know what you have against Paul Bonacci but your slander of him prompted me to make an account here. Why are you targeting him and no one else.....such as Alisha Owens? Paul Bonacci is a good person (or at least he was) and never wanted to do those things he was born into doing. So please stop attacking him.

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Look at the two children who told on there dad. Of being a rogue satanic kill babies church.

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Most survivors of SRA? Or most sexual abuse survivors?

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Most childhood sexual abuse survivors

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I noticed that many people in the Pizzagate movement don't even know much about things like the Franklin coverup and other issues.. There is full documentation on youtube but I will copy/paste a documentation list I have compiled (it is by no means complete):

" Ted Gunderson's Evidence:


Satanic Cult Awareness Document:


Organization to help those who've suffered Satanic Ritual Abuse:

https://ritualabuse.us/ http://endritualabuse.org/ https://extreme-abuse-survey.org/ https://abusearticles.wordpress.com/ Documentation of Satanic Ritual Abuse:


Documentation of Wikipedia Blacklisting SRA-recovery websites: https://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/articles/ritualabuse-us-blacklisted-by-wikipedia/

Documentation of Satanists invading ritual abuse conferences (Lucien Greaves from the Satanic Temple, who once debated Tucker Carlson):


The FBI and the mainstream media invented lies and false allegations in order to cover up this nation-wide problem of child kidnapping and murder that has been going on in our country for decades now. The FBI discredited victims and threatened them with jail time for “perjury” should they testify truly. I've listened to hours of documented/taped interviews and court proceedings from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s and am convinced that this is a very real problem.

Here is a documentary partially covering the problem from https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-franklin-cover-up/:

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Excellent links. If you haven't looked into it Jennifer Freyd, False Memory Syndrome, and the history of jews in SRA:

False Memory Syndrome

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Thank you, this is news to me. I will investigate this

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I've also made a ritual abuse flier if anyone is interested. I don't know how much it would help to post fliers but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'd just make sure there isn't a city ordinance against it or anything before you go posting fliers.

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Whoa! And holy shit! I haven't been able to find anything recent on him to see what he's been up to. Hopefully he's had A LOT of help/therapy. If not, I really worry about him being around children. Yes, he was a child victim, but he admitted to taking part in some heinous shit including raping and even killing kids! I wonder if the other parents know who he is? I would be concerned having him at my child's school sadly.

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I wonder how he got from Washington DC to Nebraska?

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He was from Nebraska. That's where he was taken in by the pedo ring that Lawrence King was running or involved in. I was just reading up on Paul Bonnaci again since it's been a few years, and he has claimed to have been flown all over the country to be prostituted. It's a very sad story.

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YES!!! Most def Pizxagate 101 for me too!! ...and Gosch, Troy Boner, and Alicia.

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Thanks for editing. I will remove the flair.

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Very generous of you, master

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The whole of education is child abuse right from the start when they teach u to assosiate with the name ... Google : what is namium Ur name is actually a bond ...rome is bonded to u ..in return they hold the name as collateral for the debt..it then acts as a trust with u holding it as trustee of the name or bond via the birth certficate U r programmed to suffer from associative identity disorder for their new world debt order This is the first lesson that is drilled into u from the start of the day ...every day...every year... Once we deprogram to dissassosiate from the name we will know how to dissolve the debt disorder..sold to us as OZ.. .. Google : ballentines law dictionary human being..

The only way to stop this increasingly sociopathic debt train..is to reduce debt at the treasury with our labour credits... We turn the US war machine into our debtors and use it as a hammer of peace.. Till then we are mere players to this game.. The real child abuse occurs to all of us.. The US being us is a reflection of that.. The money powers then require programmed abused children to controol politicians ..and also to rotate the debt machine with the profits from child trafficking..organ harvesting..refugee cheap labour imports...debt for war..fake wars..by fake nations all controlled by the meechants of venice...fake space industry..

To end the abuse ...end the debt ... No other way...trump is not going to do that for u ..

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