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I only hope that your faith that something more will come from this is eventually fulfilled.

Unfortunately I feel it will be news today and gone tomorrow for still so many out there. It seems impossible to get people to look at something that is so depraved that they can't bear the thought of it for any length of time. Believe me I have tried.

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But that's the beauty of this evidence. You can break it up into quotes and tweet it. Nobody that isn't woke is going to want to sit down and read that report, but if you break it up into horrific quotes and the link to read it, it'll work. Guaranteed. Don't even try to shove the whole thing whole at someone. Think about feeding a kid something he is resistant to eating. You bargain with them and ask them to take a bite. That's what this'll be. You're just tweeting a quote without any explanation of which side you're on. Maybe come up with a compelling hashtag. It's a real chance to get through.


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I understand that. The problem is people's cognitive dissonance. People I have thought are good and intelligent have looked at a little bit of evidence and then just stopped themselves going further due to the horrific nature of the topic.

For example the fact that 250,000 to 300,000 children go missing in Europe or that between 460,000 to 800,000 children are reported missing in the US every year does grab people's attention. I mean, that's like one kid every 3 seconds (roughly). But then, after looking a little more people clutch at any excuse for this like they're mainly runaways or just immigrant kids. They won't look deeper.

In this particular case people will just say it's a bad group within the church and move on.

I hate to say it.

Of course, I think we should continue to push the message and even if we only convert one person then it's better today than yesterday.

And sorry for being cynical, but after so many years fighting this it is difficult to believe things will change. Though I truly and always find myself hoping that I'm wrong.