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You are brainwashed clearly....I swear you will buy a false paid for allegation by jews anyday of the week right? Fact child molestation cases in terms of non guardian approaches tend to be reported admittedly claiming something happened 30 years after is always full of shit specifically when the people accused are dead. You are ignoring the basic tenet of accusations fresh and immediate tend to be legit, but facts a have to be fleshed out so far dozens of hate crime paid for political stunt hoaxes have been outed as fable....Nothing not a whiff for 30 years now this shit, Secrets aren't kept that damn long on this scale from Dahmer, to Gacy, to Delta, to Franklin, to Dutroux it was always rumored, allegations, rap sheets, and a general whiff of it in the air. Hell Sandusky had CLAIMS brought against him but was protected by the political and college establishment for years. Oh yeah btw Polanski and Epstein weren't priests you are looking in the wrong direction and Shapiro and his fucked up family aren't reliable. Duke Lacrosse man see through the bullshit. 300 priest no...thousands nooo...Some sick leftoid Norvus ordo types in league with the Shapiros yes. This was prosecuted in 1988. They took and old story and now have "added" onto it with mythology for the purpose of attacking the non "progressives" with their own doings.

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" leftoid Norvus ordo types in league with the Shapiros".........Google the Franklin conspiracy. Right / Left/Hollywood....the people with the proclivities are chosen for the justice dept., law enforcement advancement , military and business. Right and Left is mostly who is currently in office.The naming of political affiliation takes away from the message.

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I've listened politely. Next comment gets you blocked. Your choice.