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That's one Diocese out of how many?. In the US. WW? Tip of the iceberg?

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I don't think you're getting the importance.

The details are depraved. They're perverted, twisted, and show how vile the elite truly are. They mocked their own religion ... and had their victims. Satanists mock Christ, not Christians.

It's up to you as to what you think. I just believe this is the start of an avalanche.

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It's really fucking sick. Worse than the Crucifixion.

I guess now we know why Jesus was sweating blood in Gethsemane.

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I dont think that comment was intended to minimize the Pittsburgh experience but just the opposite. If we multiple this by the number of dioceses nationwide and around the world we are looking at thousands and thousands of perpetrators and perhaps millions of victims.

It was quite appropriate after all that the 1970s construction of the Popes Audience Hall of the Vatican took the form of a serpent. Did the architect play a joke on the Catholic Church? Was this payback for the architect's own childhood abuse by a priest?

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There were six doceses involved.