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George said he never discussed the nude Polaroids, or the twisted, secret gifts he and the other kids had been given decades ago by the men who preyed on them. These weren’t the kinds of things you could share without feeling humiliated, especially if you grew up tough, like he did on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

But you can’t outrun your nightmares forever. So on Dec. 17 — a week before Roman Catholics around the world celebrated Christmas — George met with a Pennsylvania grand jury and told it about the Rev. George Zirwas, a friendly young priest who once took him to a rectory in Munhall, a borough about 25 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, and introduced him to some friends: The Revs. Francis Pucci, Richard Zula, and Francis Luddy.

During a conversation about religious statues, the priests told George to get onto a bed and remove his shirt, and strike a pose like Jesus on the cross. Then they instructed him to strip off his pants and underwear, according to a grand jury report released Tuesday by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

It gets really sick after this. I will leave it to others to read. It's just awful and Victims may be triggered. Catholics all over the world need to get out into the streets and demand the pope resign. Now.

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Catholics all over the world need to get out into the streets and demand the pope resign. Now.

Yep. I read on Church Militant today that already there are almost 2,000 signed up for the protest at the USCCB meeting in November.

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All those that can go, should go. Everyone that has been waiting for justice should find a way to let the pope know he has to go. I have a feeling this will be an Epic Moment.

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What good does it do for the current pope to resign? They have all been complicit. I posit that all those catholics should get out into the streets and LEAVE THE CHURCH that has been doing this for centuries.

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Many have left. There are just the stupid sheep just like those that we are still trying to Red Pill. This will push those that are Woke. Never mind the others. Some of them will follow. There was a letter sent to the pope and signed by 37K Catholic Women. Many are angered.

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"Which it did when Cardinal Wuerl approved the removal of a priest from a parish for denying communion to a self-described agitprop Buddhist lesbian. Cardinal Wuerl does not ruffle feathers, even at the expense of established Church doctrine"

LMAO He removed priests for enforcing the dictums ...The guy was a tool for them sent during that era.

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Oh God the head dude was a 60's "Social Justicer"

"Bishop Wuerl immediately went into a cost-cutting mode and closed parish schools and sold off church properties, some of historic importance, but he did something unusual for a Catholic bishop in financial difficulty: despite apparent penury, he was able to contribute an amount (never disclosed) to an organization for which he has a complete forest of 5000 trees in Israel named after him."

Oh God....lmao

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I don't even want to think of why they named those trees after him. What in the world was the exchange. Shudder to think.