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I remember watching an HBO special many years ago after the Boston dustup where they interviewed one of the now adult men who came forward. His entire family disowned him and all guilted him over ratting out their priest. I was horrified and if people won't even stand up beside a family member who is an adult and can articulate everything that happened to them imagine how impossible it would be for a child. Such brainwashing is just incomprehensible. Catholicism is so consistently evil and yet millions of people still justify their existence by saying it is only a few priests that are bad. 300 in just this one investigation!!


[–] notagame [S] 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 


This is not some random priest going after an altar boy. This was ORGANIZED. They traveled with these kids and produced CP! What do these parisioners think that was for? It was to sell! It's the only reason you make it in the first place.

The fact it was systematically organized means there were many, many players involved. There had to be to distribute, cover up, give statements, allay a parent's fear if a child did speak about it. But it's what I mean. This will start to take off those blinders, but more will come. When the avanlanche starts, those people will be WOKE!


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This kind of thing can't happen without parents being negligent or complicit


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If your child is threatened and fearful to tell anyone, how does that make a parent negligent? Are you suggesting that children should never leave the sight of the parents? People who are raised in the church automatically trust these authority figures.