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Another person named AFTER they are dead. How many of these 300 priests are still alive?

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I know, but this time I'm not complaining.

This is unbelievably damning! It's going to start to take the blinders off people's eyes, and for that I'm grateful, but those poor, poor kids. They had no one to turn to. No one would believe them and no one cared.

Oh, and let me add one more point: This will easily be the case that we can use to separate the cabal/satanists from the rest of us. If anyone dares be an apologist or make excuses for this, they're part of the problem.

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I remember watching an HBO special many years ago after the Boston dustup where they interviewed one of the now adult men who came forward. His entire family disowned him and all guilted him over ratting out their priest. I was horrified and if people won't even stand up beside a family member who is an adult and can articulate everything that happened to them imagine how impossible it would be for a child. Such brainwashing is just incomprehensible. Catholicism is so consistently evil and yet millions of people still justify their existence by saying it is only a few priests that are bad. 300 in just this one investigation!!

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I wonder if Shapiro is behind all of this. They are piling it on. The Grand Jury. Cardinal Vigano and the St. Joseph Orphanage, now this. Thank You Lord.

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Why all the lgbtqpbbq shaming? Dont you know love is love? / S

Swift Trial. Death Penalty.

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You are brainwashed clearly....I swear you will buy a false paid for allegation by jews anyday of the week right? Fact child molestation cases in terms of non guardian approaches tend to be reported admittedly claiming something happened 30 years after is always full of shit specifically when the people accused are dead. You are ignoring the basic tenet of accusations fresh and immediate tend to be legit, but facts a have to be fleshed out so far dozens of hate crime paid for political stunt hoaxes have been outed as fable....Nothing not a whiff for 30 years now this shit, Secrets aren't kept that damn long on this scale from Dahmer, to Gacy, to Delta, to Franklin, to Dutroux it was always rumored, allegations, rap sheets, and a general whiff of it in the air. Hell Sandusky had CLAIMS brought against him but was protected by the political and college establishment for years. Oh yeah btw Polanski and Epstein weren't priests you are looking in the wrong direction and Shapiro and his fucked up family aren't reliable. Duke Lacrosse man see through the bullshit. 300 priest no...thousands nooo...Some sick leftoid Norvus ordo types in league with the Shapiros yes. This was prosecuted in 1988. They took and old story and now have "added" onto it with mythology for the purpose of attacking the non "progressives" with their own doings.

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yeah theres way more than 300 pedo priests alive on the planet.

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George said he never discussed the nude Polaroids, or the twisted, secret gifts he and the other kids had been given decades ago by the men who preyed on them. These weren’t the kinds of things you could share without feeling humiliated, especially if you grew up tough, like he did on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

But you can’t outrun your nightmares forever. So on Dec. 17 — a week before Roman Catholics around the world celebrated Christmas — George met with a Pennsylvania grand jury and told it about the Rev. George Zirwas, a friendly young priest who once took him to a rectory in Munhall, a borough about 25 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, and introduced him to some friends: The Revs. Francis Pucci, Richard Zula, and Francis Luddy.

During a conversation about religious statues, the priests told George to get onto a bed and remove his shirt, and strike a pose like Jesus on the cross. Then they instructed him to strip off his pants and underwear, according to a grand jury report released Tuesday by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

It gets really sick after this. I will leave it to others to read. It's just awful and Victims may be triggered. Catholics all over the world need to get out into the streets and demand the pope resign. Now.

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Catholics all over the world need to get out into the streets and demand the pope resign. Now.

Yep. I read on Church Militant today that already there are almost 2,000 signed up for the protest at the USCCB meeting in November.

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All those that can go, should go. Everyone that has been waiting for justice should find a way to let the pope know he has to go. I have a feeling this will be an Epic Moment.

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What good does it do for the current pope to resign? They have all been complicit. I posit that all those catholics should get out into the streets and LEAVE THE CHURCH that has been doing this for centuries.

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Many have left. There are just the stupid sheep just like those that we are still trying to Red Pill. This will push those that are Woke. Never mind the others. Some of them will follow. There was a letter sent to the pope and signed by 37K Catholic Women. Many are angered.

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"Which it did when Cardinal Wuerl approved the removal of a priest from a parish for denying communion to a self-described agitprop Buddhist lesbian. Cardinal Wuerl does not ruffle feathers, even at the expense of established Church doctrine"

LMAO He removed priests for enforcing the dictums ...The guy was a tool for them sent during that era.

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Oh God the head dude was a 60's "Social Justicer"

"Bishop Wuerl immediately went into a cost-cutting mode and closed parish schools and sold off church properties, some of historic importance, but he did something unusual for a Catholic bishop in financial difficulty: despite apparent penury, he was able to contribute an amount (never disclosed) to an organization for which he has a complete forest of 5000 trees in Israel named after him."

Oh God....lmao

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I don't even want to think of why they named those trees after him. What in the world was the exchange. Shudder to think.

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Thank you for bringing this forward. These stories somehow got lost in the shuffle after the PA Grand Jury report, but this needs to be broadcast everywhere.

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Anti-Christ church

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Thanks. I was happy to do it.

I feel this is one of most important stories to come out. It's not speculation, it's cold, hard fact. No one can say anyone is fantasizing or blame it on a right-wing conspiracy. This is real and all the filthy, depraved details are in there. Anyone with a heart will feel for what those kids went through, and anyone with a sense of morality will demand justice for all such abused chldren.

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And any Catholic worth his salt will personally be fasting and doing penance that this filth be purged.

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What horrific, systemic abuse. I hope the abused gain the courage to speak out against the abuse and coverup.

Tip of the iceberg.

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I think a little more than the tip is showing in this one.

Remarkable details and presented in a no-nonsense fashion by a determined AG. He does not look happy about this ... at all.

More to come, but this really will set up the what's next to come. And I am very anxious to see who defends this. They will be on my radar forever if they make excuses or become an enabler for this to go on.

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This is scathing. Also there was a letter sent addressed to the Pope signed by 37K Catholic Women. It went to the DC diocese. They want answers. It's been on the news.

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That's one Diocese out of how many?. In the US. WW? Tip of the iceberg?

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Ben Garrison - The tip of the iceberg - https://grrrgraphics.com/the-tip-of-the-iceberg/

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Just remembered this. There were priests and teachers working together in this child porn ring. It's happening all over the world. Brazileo


Brazil's federal police has announced that a nationwide investigation over the course of a year into the circulation of child pornography among users of private "darknet" networks has resulted in the arrest of 55 people — including teachers, priests, and at least one member of the military.

"This is the first time that the Brazilian police has done an operation like this, seeking targets in the darknet," Rafael França, coordinator of the aptly named Operation Darknet, told VICE News.

Priests on the Dark net. Wow.


Remember this one?

Faucher, who retired as a priest three years, was arraigned Monday on 14 different charges, including 10 felony counts of sexual exploitation of a child and two felony counts of distributing sexually exploitative material involving children.


The alarm bells going off inside the Vatican only continue to echo through its halls in relation to the numerous Priests having been accused of engaging in pedophilia-laced activities such as child pornography, and now Vatican police have arrested Fr. Carlo Alberto Capella for the possession of child pornography with the concern that he intended to distribute the illicit materials for sale to unknown buyers.

The Vatican and the Catholic Church have had numerous Priests accused of sexually assaulting children, with even more of them being labeled as engaging in the viewing of child pornography.

A quick search of the internet will show you the dozens of cases of Priests, Cardinals, Bishops, and others employed within the Catholic Church who have faced similar charged in the last several years, raising more than eyebrows when wondering how such a powerful, tax-exempt religious organization not only engages in the sexual abuse of minor children but also then in-turn attempts to cover up the crimes committed against innocent children.

This is the same diplomat who was engaging in the believed production of child pornography last year, after being caught with child pornography inside of Washington, DC while serving a diplomatic mission into the United States of America.

The US State Department had claimed that the high-profile Fr. Carlo Alberto Capella, who was working at the Vatican’s Embassy in Washington, DC had violated federal law by possessing child pornography.

And I am sure there are more. Sad. Very Sad and Sick.

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Yes, it's a worldwide network. The sooner we accept that, the sooner investigators can work together in ridding the world of child abuse. Pedos belong in jail!

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Can't agree more. St Louis should be next.

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Pedos deserve to hang in my opinion

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I read your apology to Blacksmith's comment. Thanks. He had earlier mentioned that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

So much so that maybe its time to remove tbe protective mantle these priests have enjoyed for so long and come out with bumper stickers and Tshirts that proclaim "Priests belong in jail".

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I only hope that your faith that something more will come from this is eventually fulfilled.

Unfortunately I feel it will be news today and gone tomorrow for still so many out there. It seems impossible to get people to look at something that is so depraved that they can't bear the thought of it for any length of time. Believe me I have tried.

[EDIT: For clarity]

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Excellent work per usual.

This is extremely helpful in connecting dots and seeing how culpable he is.

I'm going to try to put together a thread highlighting other incidents of pedo priest abuse so people can get an idea of how pervasive this was and how The Vatican, law enforcement, and political flunkies all conspired to cover this up.

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The men gave a specific gift to children they favored, something they could wear that would mark them as prime targets for abuse. Zirwas “had told me that they, the priests, would give their boys, their altar boys, or their favorite boys these crosses,” George told the grand jury. “So he gave me a big gold cross to wear.”

If we could get pictures from around that time frame of those altar boys we could pick out which boys were being raped. The big gold crosses worn only by some of the boys would be the giveaway. I wonder for how long that was the case or if it still continues today.

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Good question. I'm sure each cult/ring has its own way of handling things but giving kids presents seems the standard way to go.

Yes, if the boys were wearing the crosses, they would be markedly different than the others and would stand out.

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fortune - https://web.archive.org/web/20180815110234/http://fortune.com/2018/08/14/pennsylvania-priests-child-pornography-grand-jury-report/

philly - https://archive.is/nrVcP

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