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Asia, most certainly is a histrionic BPD, and probably has some SRA trauma in there. Bordain...obviously had his own issues not to mention not having enough of a sample size & womanizing experience to immediately spot the BPD crazy. (many dudes have this problem and have to learn the hard way) This chick is insane and probably a 9.5 on the Hot \ Crazy Axis Matrix...hopefully Bennett's legal team takes it further, gets a larger payout, and helps expose the Hollywood pedo cabal.

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He was hoping to avoid all this because I am sure it has caused much pain and many horrible parts of the past to resurface. She has no qualms about making him suffer. Yes, we have discussed her life with her father and his being a Director of Horror Films. I am sure she had an extremely horrid past which is plays into how she is today. Horrid. This is how it is passed on. Let's hope Jimmy Bennett gets some serious help.

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Right...of course when you have a father who's sick (all indications point to it) its going to filter down. No doubt traumatized at an early age. On another note , beyond the horror flicks\perversions from her father, everything you read about current SRA survivors cite the generational issues of 'pedo' stuff..that...seems to be a re-occurring template...


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Then why did she (oh wait, it was her dead husband) pay her attacker $380,000 in hush money? Has this woman no shame?!

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No. Narcissists have no shame. It's always all about them. By coming out with this bazaar accusation the eyes are on her. Now let's hope the tables are turned. I feel bad what happened to her many years ago, but she nor her father did anything to stop it or get serious help when it was necessary, who knows who else she has done this to. Possibly though she is like those stalkers, A one boy woman.

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Thanks again! :)

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In the text messages that TMZ published, she says he didn't rape her.

It seems that Rose McGowan's new trannie lover was the one who texted her, and then sold their convo to TMZ.

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So back and forth we go, and we are suppose to believe her. MeToo was cooked up by Pedowood. Possibly to confuse people so they don't know who to believe. The picture says it all. Rose is a case unto herself.

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So did he attack her before or after they took that naked selfie in bed?

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She says he did but I don't believe her for one minute. This is her 3rd lawyer. I think people are going to get really angry with her and disgusted.

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I don't believe her either. She groomed that boy. She's just as sick and nasty as the male pedophile, but she thinks she derseves a pass because she's a woman. No way!

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One look at her Instagram says it all - she is one crazy B*ch into some real dark Occult sht. She looks like hell on wheels. https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-occult-world-of-asia-argento-anthony-bourdains-ex-girlfriend/

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Perfect description of Asia. She is mentally ill imo. And a B on Wheels. A Toxic Combo.

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i blame her for anthony bourdains death something happened and she sent mossad after him probably through harvey weinstein the night bourdain died he knew they were coming for him and she had posted pics on instagram of her dancing with another man maybe they had a big fight and he threatened to expose something about her i think he underestimated what a psycho she is

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I think you are right on the money, but she didn't sic mossad on him, she made a call to someone of a much higher power and they did. Possibly DG.

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