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We can all argue about the YT Idols, and who is telling the truth, but if they are even talking about Deep State or Pizzagate, they are erasing the blackboard.

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Exactly. Media Matters even published a hit list a while back. That list came out 4 days before Jones was removed from most of the major platforms. People affected so far: Alex Jones, Bill Smith (he just disappeared though his accounts are still up), and now David Seaman. Also, Lift the Veil is getting targeted from a lot of different vectors on youtube seemingly for his coverage of voodoo doughnuts. Didn't Brock just kick off another big round of funding recently?

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John Podesta provided office space for Media Matters early in its formation at the Center for American Progress, a Democratic think tank which Podesta established in 2002. This is ultimately a Podesta operation bankrolled by Soros.

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Brock the EX bf of James A. I remember that they targeted Ben Swann as well. He toned things down a bit after that.

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Lift the veil- a few moments of scanning his timeline of videos will thoroughly expose him.

Watch his interactions with defango.... deceit is apparent.

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Media Matters has to stay in the background and on the radio because David Brock is appalling to look at.

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Yes. There is a REAL war happening that we can’t see. I’m learning that it’s time to be sneaky with how we present the info, especially if we are lucky enough to never have been openly “conspirital”. We can stay safe if we refrain from naming names, instead sticking to finding, believing, and helping the victims.

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We have to be secretive to a point. A friend of mine and a Victim/Survivor is not afraid of the truth. She has spilled it all out in public. This assures her safety. We also must out the pedos that are raping children. But yes, when we know that Victims or Whistleblowers are being hunted down we must secure their safety at all costs.

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This is a specious argument because (((they))) are shutting down these people to OVERTLY give them legitimacy in the eyes the movement. These shills can easily be proven. However, they COVERTLY attack the legitimate people in the movement with shills, cointelpro, sock puppets, and JIDF. And it DOES matter who is telling the truth as that is the whole crux of what we do in this movment to expose (((these))) monsters.

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Of course it matters who is telling the truth. It's just hard to tell who the truth tellers are. But we should be able to decide for ourselves not have tptb erase the blackboard. They are up to their old tricks of propaganda as usual. You Tube has become a mess imo. As well as Twitter, Facebook, etc. They are controlling it all.

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You and Shade are the only ones left I don't take a piss at.

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Coming from you, that says a lot. Thanks.

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David Seamen exposed

This guy is a jew who is a deep agent of Soros. This video along with other numerous ones expose his shilling. This "shutting down" is usually on controlled oppo to give them more legitimacy in the eyes of the people. It's elementary psyops/ cointel pro people. All roads will lead back to the real (((gulity parties)))

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The Nazis are COINTELPRO and Israelis... Like you are. The Nazis are there to A) de-legitimize conservatives and moderates by association, and B) allow Zionists to continuously renew their Holocaust cards and shout down every anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli argument as anti-semitic racism. YOU are the one being controlled by shills, YOU are the one helping to further the cause of Zionism, the conflicts in Syria and Palestine, and, by extension, helping to escalate conflict in the region, creating more refugees... contributing to the Islamization of Europe. You are either a shill, or the useful idiot of shills.

Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer is a Jew, and he runs one of the biggest outposts of Jew-bashing on the web.


And here's another Jew making terroristic threats against American Jews:

Israel Convicts Israeli-American Hacker Who Terrorized U.S. Jews (and others) With Bomb Threats

It's to scare the shit out of the Non-Zionist Israelis and American Jews. You're helping to cement solidarity among Zionists.

So, keep on shouting USELESS and DETRIMENTAL slurs and rhetoric... Because you're either a shill, or a MORON who is HELPING the people who he claims to hate.

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Lol, yeah I'm cointelpro says the just activated 1 month account. (((They))) play both sides w/o a doubt. My history speaks for itself. You however have none. Good job on the projection. Oh and tell you what jew boy, how about you debunk the video I posted instead of attacking me? Oh that's right. You're busy having a coffee and bagel at the JIDF home office.

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It doesn't matter what you think of him, he has a right to speak. He's being censored by the elite and that should scare everyone. They're doing it on FB and Twitter also.

It's just wrong.

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They are censoring everything they can and people need to unify despite the differences. I hate AJ but that's not the point. They have no right to censor him.

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Well, they don't go after EVERYONE. And those are the people you should be wary of.

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IDK what to think about Infowars but Owen is my favorite InfoWars person. He has a quick wit.

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I only listen to infwhores occasionally now, and only when Owen is hosting.

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lol, that's funny

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The government is out-sourcing censorship to big tech. That way they can still proclaim to be about liberty and freedom while removing opposition.

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Has he got the begging bowl out yet?

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Everyone go to Bitchute.

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theres a lot of shit going on marianne barnard has been blocked by fulcrum news david shurter is outing lift the veil on youtube as a shill its like theres a whistleblower war going on craig sawyer is blocked by fiona barnett i dont know what the hell is going on tracy beanz is blocking people its just a shitfest on twitter i dont know who's real and who isnt anymore

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