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Dutreaux Affair


When little girls started disappearing last year, police questioned Dutroux--after a lapse of some months. They searched his house three times and said they found nothing.

At the time, two 8-year-old girls were dying in Dutroux's cellar prison and a police officer heard them calling out. But he said he thought the cries came from a neighboring house.

Was this a case of incompetence on an almost unimaginable scale, or did Dutroux enjoy police protection?

With four children and young women known dead, two rescued and 10 missing, the question is convulsing Belgian society as a parliamentary inquiry begins into police handling of the case.


It was only a little more than a year ago that 350,000 people, a huge assembly for a nation of 10 million, marched in silence through the streets of Brussels to express their anger and outrage over another case: the official bungling and possible high-level cover-up in the investigation of kidnappings of a number of children.

Too late, the bodies of four girls who had been abducted and sexually abused were found in jury-rigged dungeons in the southern city of Charleroi. Marc Dutroux, a 40-year-old unemployed electrician who had already been to prison for kidnap and rape of minors, and his schoolteacher wife and convicted accomplice in the earlier crimes were charged in the deaths.

A parliamentary inquiry into the Dutroux affair found numerous instances of institutional bungling and corruption and concluded that police and judicial agencies failed so abjectly as to "put at risk the state of law."

"Corruption and spinelessness are eternal," Hugo Claus, this country's most celebrated Flemish-language writer, said in a recent newspaper interview. "Stupidity and mediocrity accompany our existence. And in Belgium, this is amplified."

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Regina Louf a survivor of absolutely the worst, most heinous and vile abuse I’ve stumbled upon, wrote a book which ties in directly to the Dutreaux Affair. She was ritually abused from a generational family. I could not comprehend a grandmother doing the shit she did to a baby and onwards. She was taken over and over to be raped, tortured unimaginably and horribly beaten and abused as a little child to people in high places, including at the Chateau de Amerois the mothers of darkness castle where politicians, UN and royalty were present for the child parties. I won’t go into details but she is very brave. These people were all through the police, politicians, doctors, everywhere in Belgium all satanic, luciferian, freemasonic evil dark people. Interesting to note that at one point she said that the women were often worse than the men. The owners of the castle were the pharmaceutical giants who made antidepressants and other mind altering drugs. MK ultra was said to have been practiced there, as well as up to one hundred young children in the basement dungeon kept in cages whenever needed. It all sounds far fetched and unbelievable but after really researching it a while back and references made in court docs and victims testimonies I believe it to be true. They had some kind of alter that rituals took place under “one thousand points of light” and I recall reading that a child was sacrificed every evening (no proof of this point but it was mentioned). Some of these sick bastards really enjoyed very young pregnant girls and tortured them during pregnancy and especially during birth. Apparently this castle was scrubbed from gxxgle maps and when called out it magically appeared back on it. The castle is also no longer dubbed the mothers of darkness castle meaning where they did their magick and rituals. The mother of darkness was moved to another castle. Sick beyond belief this happens.

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IMO, Regina Louf is a credible witness. The policemen who first had conversations with her believed her (they were later removed from the case).

She was able to describe one of the houses where abuse had taken place in detail - the house had a very complicated architecture, so nobody who wouldn't have been there in person would have been able to describe it.

I feel it is always good to go back to the Dutroux case, and read about it, because it has all the 'classic' elements of elite pedophilia and satanism, and shows how these groups work.

This is a great 45 min. video I'd recommend watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djmm7GrgsUk

It shows how the white hats in Belgium tried to look into the case, but were all removed.

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In these sick satanic rings the abuse of the children is started while they are still in he womb! It's revolting!

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Horrible. I am all to familiar with these SRA accounts. One of our users here has related the crimes done unto her. If you want to read about her it is in this post

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2397920 She re reveals some horrid things in here so Victims and Survivors please BEWARE - NSFW - I believe this is what they are trying to keep under wraps within the Church. I am sure that Cardinal Vigano knows all about this Satanic Ritual Abuses.

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this case haunts me and i think it is central to exposing an international high level pedo ring

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I agree. That is why they tried so hard to bury the truth. We must keep papers and books for we can pass them on, they can scrub the internet. That is why they have gotten rid of some libraries in schools and cut funding. I notice in these two articles that there is favor in the truth towards the children, not so much nowadays. Nowadays they are trying to make us believe these children made up the stories. Very sad indeed. Yes it is haunting. I too believe that a possible ring could exist. High Level.

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I've had enough of people not wanting to believe that Disney was not an evil person. I was one of those before swallowing the Big Red Pill.


Read about the relationship Walt Disney had with Bobby Driscoll. Bobby was his love until he was 12. Then he dropped him like a hot potato. Too old.

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Was bobby before Kurt Russell?

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It's been a while, but I think he was.

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One of the cutaway gags in an episode of Family Guy depicted Walt Disney forcing Minnie Mouse to pose nude whilst he painted her. I wonder if that was an allusion to Disney's paedophilia, given all the other little nudges and winks Family Guy has contained.

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Wow. I am shocked any show outed Disney. They mostly all stick together when it comes to supporting each other's pedo activities. Minnie Mouse Porn? Disgusting for Our Children. Shame on Walt Disney.

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https://youtu.be/yMK8YscTVj0 Share!!! Is this real?

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I recently read in Dave McGowan's Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon of how Jack Nicholson bought up neighbour Marlon Brando's property when Brando passed away, then immediately had the site bulldozed, supposedly because it was structurally unsound. McGowan was at a loss to explain how someone who could afford to buy their own Polynesian island was living in a derelict property...

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They have a a freemason Lodge called club 33

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Last month a former Disney employee was sentenced to six years’ jail after sheriffs accused him of watching child porn at work – while writing an Easter sermon for the church where he was a pastor.


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God almighty! I'm assuming that, "Whoso ever would offend these little ones that believe in me, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck" wasn't going to feature in his sermon!

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Your News Wire is a blatant disinfo site. You can't take their word for it. That particular story does check out though. UK Daily Mall: http://archive.is/GU5JH Orlando Sentinel: http://archive.is/mu4nO

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Is it any wonder that a lot of "ex priests" settle in Florida? One of them mentioned in the 2018 Penn Grand Jury report on diocesian child abuse drove the train for 15 years at DisneyWorld after he "retired" from the priesthood.

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Hi Podge. Could you add the titles of your previous posts, so people know what they are specifically referencing (per Rule 3: "EACH link in your post must include a description of content and how the link relates to the post (except when markup is used to embed links in the specific text they support).")? Thanks.

Also, I wonder if anyone could look up back issues of newspapers talking about these crimes back in the day? That would be a great optional addition to this post and corroborate what the guy says in his book.

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Thanks for adding the links, @Podge512. I will remove the flair.

Suggestion: You might want to consider breaking the text into paragraphs, it will be easier to read then. ;-)

Thank you. Please keep up the good work.

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And...to make paragraphs on Voat, you need to hit "enter" twice. :-)

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I've cleaned the post up a bit as per your suggestions.