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I'm from Hull UK. I live in Pottsboro now. Before Texas I was in California. I was in jail for a lot of that time.


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I wasn't trying to out where you are now, just tying to make sense of the comment about deportation and where that would mean you would have to return to. I hope it doesn't happen and all works out for you.


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No it's fine. Everyone knows where I live now.


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Where is the truth?

it is all coming out about me now. The bad, the bad ,and the ugly

But enough about me...

I have to expose this man. Q... I was 'involved with him some time ago. I didn't know he was married. I have now found out his name is JCR and that his wife is CU. I am a Christian but I let my lust get the better of me. You good patriots are being deceived. I said I would expose him and now I have. I'm sorry this may come as a shock to yall but....