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Weird how all these directors have friends who are pedos 🤔

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It's a club. They hire each other as a favor. They are all peos. If someone knows what they did and still give them a job, well, if the shoe fits.

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This is all bullshit. First of all, he served only 6 months, which is nothing. Second, Fox is now Disney's property, and only Disney have a strict policy against sex offenders. This piece of shit is free to continue abusing children.

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Yes and this is what I am hoping people will see. Another slap on the wrist. They are trying to make themselves look like they are policing their stars. Also I noticed how they did not include the word Child in the Title. It should read Child Sex Offender. It is misleading. People may not even read the article, just believe they have done a good deed. Yes it is BS.

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Good on Olivia Munn for being vocal about that and shutting that pedo down!

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I don't watch any more Hollywood movies any more. After reading Crazy Days and Nights for a few months, I know that Hollywood is built on the rape and torture of little children (boys and girls) and women. Black should have said no to him from the outset. Munn should not be required to police who is on the set.

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We don't go to the theater anymore either. We have pulled the plug as well on cable and no Netflix. After finding out about R Howard and THanks well, I really woke up. They don't police. But now they know we are watching and that is a Good Thing.

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TY So much <3

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We were not aware of his background during the casting process due to legal limitations that impede studios from running background checks on actors.


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I know. Sounds nuts. What in the world keeps them from checking their backgrounds. I have never heard of this. Sounds insane. One of those little bylines added to protect the guilty and Another backdoor for them to run out of.

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I wonder if this is some bizarre California law or union law or if it's just a straight up lie?