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let them be obvious. it makes our job of unmasking them easier

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Sage advice. Symbolism will be their downfall.

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https://archive.fo/vsMH9 :

USA TODAY on Twitter: "Ahhh! It's #NationalCheesePizzaDay.… "

This has been an automated message.

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I see you're getting the same treatment I was about explaining the term 'Cheese Pizza.' The mods need to stop treating members as though they're morons. There are stickies that the newbies can read to catch themselves up, and if someone stumbles onto your thread and has no idea that 'Cheese Pizza' is a code used by pedos to mean 'Child Porn,' I'm sure they will ask the questions they need to. This whole thing about explaining things as though members are 5 years old or intellectually stunted is unnecessary and is also a tactic to slow you down on doing other valuable research.

Besides, if you did include an explanation and link about how 'Cheese Pizza' is code, you'll then be forced to run around in circles as the mods or trolls will start requesting even more proof that pedos use this code. We all know they do, but you'll just end up chasing your tail. I've seen this done on other threads about 'Cheese Pizza' and other threads about pedo codes. This inane bullshit needs to stop.

PG researchers need to demand respect for all of our hard work. It's not as though this is a new forum and catering to newbies is a nice idea, but totally unnecessary and a waste of time when more than enough info is stickied for their self-education or they could gasp ask questions on their own.

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good afternoon to everyone. quick question: why don't we bypass these freaks in general, and just start meeting up in person. this is what this has always been about, eventually.

been watching this board since the start. various names various friends. we called out the same moderators then as we are all now. this has to take from controlled forums like this one to the streets.

every single person needs to make that decision. this evil will be the biggest separator of who people really are.

much protection and power to all you good ones. to the rest of you evil fucks...

you take REAL good care now.

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I can't agree with you more. The thumb screws are tight here and clamping down more every day. Although, people are still fearful of revealing who and where they are, which I can understand, but there comes a time to set fears aside because the issues at hand are that important. I've been saying for months that it's time to come out from behind the screen, but have yet to find anyone willing to take this step. The biggest obstacle in meeting up is knowing that the trolls who have infiltrated the board will surely show up pretending to be one of the good guys to gather Intel and cause distortion that usually dissolves into chaos and distrust, like we see with the trolls and mods. There would have to be an underground communication system for making people aware of where the meetings are, and be sure to have them in a new location every time. Maybe the best use of social media would be to plan a flash mob that won't be destructive, but throw so many truth bombs in such a short amount of time to a large crowd, so the media would have pay attention. An important detail would be to have a few people in the area with camera phones at ready prior to the flash mob to document everything from different angles to prove that no destruction or violence occurred to avoid the enemy's spin and circulate the videos widely.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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I see what ya did there USA today. sooooo clever almost like a secret code or something...If only we had the rosetta stone to figure out its deep meaning...

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Removing per Rule 1, as this was never edited.

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Some might remember the astronauts all holding pizza last December:


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gross freaks!!

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If you could infuse paper with an explosive that could be detonated remotely...we could win more impressively.

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I don't get what you're getting at? What does pizzagate have to do with God other than the obvious sorcery and degeneracy of the topic.

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If you EVER try to suck my dick, and I don't like it, I WILL fuck you up kid. AND I don't like it.

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