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You have no idea why they're defined by the sex industry... when laws against trafficking and child rape are only enforced by the government when there's a public scandal and they need to shed some crocodile tears.

The Thai gov sponsors the child fucking. They know it's a big draw.

The very best thing about travelling Thailand is how loose western women travellers are. They put out like horny monsters because they know men can get sex whenever they want. Its the easiest place in the world to pull sexy blond Europeans . They put out because the competition is fierce.

You sound like a fuckin mongoloid

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So America should be defined as a satanic child torturing and raping nation because a few at the highest levels of power are raping and trafficking children? The American people or Nation don't deserve that to define them same as the amazing Thai people and their nation don't deserve the stigma attached to them. Pardon me for affording Thailand and the Thai people the same respect I afford America and Americans.

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I lived there for 6 years. They hate Jews and hate blacks and you silly dumb cunts who haven't been outside your fucking hillbilly towns think you know something. Kids getting buggered next door to you. Don't you have enough to worry about without attacking thailand cause you heard a story once.