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So seems Vernon is suing Musk for defamation and using high profile attorney L. Lin Wood

Meanwhile, Unsworth's attorney, L. Lin Wood, said that Musk's accusations are nothing more than "vindictive and vicious" lies. "After deleting the initial accusation and tweeting an apology, Mr Musk has continued to republish his false and unsupportable accusation. His conduct demonstrates that his recklessness is intentional and designed to harm Mr. Unsworth," Wood said.


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I think Musk is a smart guy. Let's see what he has up his sleeve. He must have more than what has been shown. Let's see what lies ahead..........this should prove very interesting.

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Let's see what happens...

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Yes, very interesting.. Will be good to see what evidence Musk has, as if he's being sued he'll have to have something if his claims are legit.

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L Lin Wood defended Jon Benet Ramsay's father. He is very powerful.

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Who's is this Britt anyway?? Is it odd for him to have such a powerful attorney?