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The Thai Cave rescue was a psyop and Elon Musk is a project. The controversy is artificial. Does this argument between Musk and the diver seem odd and contrived? Does it ever. He has no reason to keep it going.

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How did he get so much info on an individual half way across the world..? Seems like this is well.. But why? U have to givd it to the cabal...they have so.e real twisted mind warping projects Chi bono??? ..and why

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The answer to the question 'Who benefits?' is very complex I think. With all of these major hoaxes there's usually an economic angle e.g. with the Chilean miners (which took place in a similarly poor part of the world.) Some of the participants make a lot of money. Thailand got a lot of publicity out of the event and I would imagine tourism (of all kinds) will be on the up.

But a bigger part of it is the drive to dominate our thinking and indeed our news-cycle - to close it over with a web of their material. These events can be thought of as like giant cargo-ships loaded with all sorts of themes. Paedophilia is one of the themes in this case but then so too are mind-altering substances (here, ketamine.) or globalism (the international team of 'rescuers'.) They also tend to make their hoaxes/events/actors/psyops interlocking - hence Elon Mush and the Thai Cave, Sandy Hook and the Superbowl, The McCanns and Pizzagate etc.Also many of the themes being carried are occult, but I'm going to leave that for a submission I'm making.

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He probably just said "See what you can find out about everybody involved in this mess" to one of his underlings and under this guy's summary it said, "this dude's definitely a pedo!'