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As a middle age man that is not sexually attracted to kids(fucking sad that clarification even has to be made).. I can't ever imagine going to Thailand because of the kid fucker negativity attached to it. So if someone goes there, you just assume they go to fuck lady boys and children.. Literally the only unique thing about the place.

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I find the sex tourism distasteful but I know a few people who lived there or visited there and they say the people are friendly and the food is exceptionally good and cheap.

As a single male though yeah I would be careful going there alone, partly due to fear of accusations and partly because if/when I were offered sex with children I'm concerned I'd be too tempted to kill the pimps in ... 'unethical and imaginative ways'.

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So if you're a single Western guy in Thailand, even if it's just to visit, people will approach you to have sex with children?

Thailand has some decent looking historical stuff and food that might be worth checking out but that would make me uncomfortable.

Most people are aware that old white dudes love to go to SE asía to do come and fuck ladyboys/teenagers for sure though. It's a big reason why Duerte won

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Westerners think that Thailand is all hookers and trannies when it's mostly one city. That's like thinking all of the US is like Vegas. The west doesn't have a trans problem at all btw /s

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Nice name?

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Are you for real? You think it is so common that you walk down the street and are offered children? You guys gotta get out more. The pervs are from the west by the way.

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Literally the only unique thing about the place.

Simply not true



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Maybe as part of judgment day we can line up the cabal...and throw them into the ring with these thai boxers..after the cabal is made to work in the hot sun during the day...on a sugar plantation... We need some evening entertainment ... Dont we

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Which is terrible unfair on such a beautiful country. Thai people are very conservative and the sex industry isn't much different than Amsterdams Red light district. It is in small districts. Thai people are shy sexually.

Its one of the most beautiful countries with some of the most beautiful people in the world. The land of smiles. The sex industry started during the Vietnam war when American army based itself in Thailand.

I have no idea why Thailand is defined by its sex industry. I always hear people who've never been there talk about old men with kids but the reality is noting like that in my experience. I've been there 3 times.

The very best thing about travelling Thailand is how loose western women travellers are. They put out like horny monsters because they know men can get sex whenever they want.

Its the easiest place in the world to pull sexy blond Europeans . They put out because the competition is fierce.

Just writing this makes me want to go back..

I've never paid for sex.

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You have no idea why they're defined by the sex industry... when laws against trafficking and child rape are only enforced by the government when there's a public scandal and they need to shed some crocodile tears.

The Thai gov sponsors the child fucking. They know it's a big draw.

The very best thing about travelling Thailand is how loose western women travellers are. They put out like horny monsters because they know men can get sex whenever they want. Its the easiest place in the world to pull sexy blond Europeans . They put out because the competition is fierce.

You sound like a fuckin mongoloid

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Sorry but you people are well out of date on the subject Thailand is NOT a place for child abusers and hasn't been for the last 20 years or so. Philippines, Cambodia YES, Thailand NO. Thailand has a huge middle class population these days and is considered a middle income country. There are adult hookers men and women and transvestite, and in popular destinations it is more obvious than in other countries. Though most of the sex workers are from the poorer North East region and many are from neighboring countries like Myanmar. Nobody starves in Thailand so they are only doing it to make easy cash and possibly even hit the jackpot. The majority of customers are rich Thais not Westerners. I know one lucky muscled up rent boy (guy) who just got given a SLK 350 by a rich Bangkok Thai male customer, so it ain't all bad. Some men have female customers as well and there are clubs like FIN which cater for Thai women with men on display, so hows that for being egalitarian.


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Thailand is NOT a place for child abusers and hasn't been for the last 20 years or so.

Wow. Great example of undocumented "factfinding," aka magical thinking: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissism#Seven_deadly_sins_of_narcissism

U.S. State Dept. Trafficking in Persons reports for the past 18 years: https://www.state.gov/j/tip/rls/tiprpt/

Or are your comments based on personal experience? You're obviously quite familiar with the Thai sex industry.

Suggest you read the Chiang Rai Times: https://www.chiangraitimes.com/pedophiles-and-child-abusers-on-notice-in-thailand.html

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You're being disingenuous. At best. Thailand is definitely a notorious child-fuckery destination.

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I applaud Musk. What Courage. A man with a Heart AND a Soul.

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Exactly. Which is probably why he is being dragged through the mud and his companies' stocks are being destroyed by short-sellers. He won't play ball.

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Actually, its because Musk is behaving erratically like this while there problems at Tesla. Musk invented this pedo story because this guy crticized Musk for be a distraction from the real rescue efforts. This guy helped save those kids.

Problems at Tesla include a recall of its high end model and missed production targets on it's affordable model.


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Elon is going on Joe Rogan's podcast, Thursday. This topic is definitely going to come up. I hope he drops some bombs.

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Oh boy. That is going to be good. I am sure there will be something on his twitter.

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Oooohhj, thanks for this head's up. Definitely going to be checking THAT out. 😈

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Here is a list of arrests of men from foreign countries at Pattaya Beach the child sex trafficking party land for pedophiles


64-year-old British national Simon Jeremy Merington Briscore was arrested at his house in Chiang Mai's Mueang district, after two 16-year-old boys filed complaints with police that the Briton failed to honour his promise to pay them Bt500 each for sex.

Police also found a substantial amount of pornography of underage boys on his computer.

There are many more cases presented. A a small article about the children and the perverted pedophiles that seek them.

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So seems Vernon is suing Musk for defamation and using high profile attorney L. Lin Wood

Meanwhile, Unsworth's attorney, L. Lin Wood, said that Musk's accusations are nothing more than "vindictive and vicious" lies. "After deleting the initial accusation and tweeting an apology, Mr Musk has continued to republish his false and unsupportable accusation. His conduct demonstrates that his recklessness is intentional and designed to harm Mr. Unsworth," Wood said.


@Blacksmith21 @letsdothis2 @exposethecriminals

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I think Musk is a smart guy. Let's see what he has up his sleeve. He must have more than what has been shown. Let's see what lies ahead..........this should prove very interesting.

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Let's see what happens...

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L Lin Wood defended Jon Benet Ramsay's father. He is very powerful.

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The Thai Cave rescue was a psyop and Elon Musk is a project. The controversy is artificial. Does this argument between Musk and the diver seem odd and contrived? Does it ever. He has no reason to keep it going.

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How did he get so much info on an individual half way across the world..? Seems like this is scripted...as well.. But why? U have to givd it to the cabal...they have so.e real twisted mind warping projects Chi bono??? ..and why

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The answer to the question 'Who benefits?' is very complex I think. With all of these major hoaxes there's usually an economic angle e.g. with the Chilean miners (which took place in a similarly poor part of the world.) Some of the participants make a lot of money. Thailand got a lot of publicity out of the event and I would imagine tourism (of all kinds) will be on the up.

But a bigger part of it is the drive to dominate our thinking and indeed our news-cycle - to close it over with a web of their material. These events can be thought of as like giant cargo-ships loaded with all sorts of themes. Paedophilia is one of the themes in this case but then so too are mind-altering substances (here, ketamine.) or globalism (the international team of 'rescuers'.) They also tend to make their hoaxes/events/actors/psyops interlocking - hence Elon Mush and the Thai Cave, Sandy Hook and the Superbowl, The McCanns and Pizzagate etc.Also many of the themes being carried are occult, but I'm going to leave that for a submission I'm making.

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He probably just said "See what you can find out about everybody involved in this mess" to one of his underlings and under this guy's summary it said, "this dude's definitely a pedo!'

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People complaining about Musk calling a fucking asshole a fucking asshole.

I don't care for Musk, but I'm with him on this one. Fuck that asshole.

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Unless you get a discount rate for a couples vacation, there is no reason for a single white man to be in thailand because of the stigma and implication.

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Also one last comment on Thailand. Thai people are based as fuck. My very first inkling that there was some research to be done on the Jews came from a group of Thai people. I'll explain.

I was in Koh Phangan in 2007 and one night i was walking home to my little beach hut i was living in. I was living fairly modestly at the time and as i was walking home i decide to stop for some food. I picked the nicest looking restaurant as i was willing to treat myself to a nice meal in what looked like an nice establishment.

So i go in and the place is deserted. The waiter comes over and takes my order. I get served, i eat, i pay and i leave. As soon as i walked out into the street the group of Thai people sitting on the steps outside their home/business (cant quite remember) called me over. They said to me "you shouldn't eat in there". I said why? They said without a moment hesitation that they are Jews and went on to explain why i should support Thai people instead of those parasites. I don't think they used the word parasites but that was definitely the point they got across to me.

I remember thinking oh my God. Up until this point these Thai people seemed like the nicest most genuinely loving people i ever had the privilege of meeting. It made me wonder. I didn't dismiss them much to my delight looking back. I trusted my instinct and so my journey of discovery began. 9-11 was the next big wake up call for me.

I build high rise building for a living and although at that time in 2001 i was still studying and like most i didn't question anything. By 2008 i had lots of experience but still hadn't given 911 a second thought until a friend introduced me to a doco on the subject. Thats when everything really clicked into place for me and i took my investigations to the next level.

While we serve our master the Thai people openly hate them and call them out. Based as fuck.

In fact i wonder who decided to tarnish them with the idea that the whole country is a cesspit, rampant with the sexual abuse of children.

Its our job to be careful who's propaganda we propagate. So many westerners spread the Jewish version of Thailand. They are very aware of the hatred of them in Thailand but they don't care. They are still brazing as fuck. Even more brazing than in the west because they can still hide in the west.

they can't hide in Thailand so they don't bother.

Thai people are far more based than most pathetic westerners.

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