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Upvoated because Zappa will always be relevant.

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Agree! Zappa’s always relevant and always thought provoking. Thanks for sharing!

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I really need to take some time and properly get into Zappa, always got the impression he was one of the good guys

didn't know he "hated The Beatles" haha that takes some serious balls, but he sure as shit had the skills to back up whatever shit he wanted to talk

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In the months after Revolver, Paul McCartney stated in an interview that "...the next album will be our 'Freak Out!'" Paul, in other interviews, mentioned wanting to make a mix between the Beach Boy's "Pet Sounds" and Zappa's "Freak Out!"

The first songs recorded were for an autobiographical album. "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Penny Lane" were to be crucial tracks, outlining respectively John and Paul;s childhood. The songs were kept, but not included, for the final album which abandoned the childhood theme for one about a fictitious band reuniting. This was Sgt. Pepper. "We're Only in it for the Money" and "Lumpy Gravy" were Frank's response. Check out the album art, that's actually Jimi Hendrix in person on the cover. https://http2.mlstatic.com/frank-zappa-were-only-in-it-for-the-money-D_NQ_NP_20724-MLB20196794926_112014-F.webp

Both him and Clapton ("GOD god oh god, I can see god!!") we're included on the album in samples of real life conversations Frank recorded while they were tripping ("Ah... ah... are you hung up? Out of sight, man, but are... uh... are you hung up?"), though Jimi's involvement is legendary and possibly non-existent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IemQsLV9dTM

Frank appears on the Hendrix track "Stars that Play with Laughing Sam's Dice" (STP with LSD) on sound manipulation. Frank traded Jimi a wah pedal (Jimi's first ever) for Jimi's guitar that he sacrificed (played on Zoot Allures).

Happy to answer any questions! I am a Zappa nerd.

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HOLY FUCK that album cover haha no idea how I've never seen that before now

"Stars that Play with Laughing Sam's Dice" damn dude if that's not a loaded song title

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he "hated The Beatles"

I had always thought that, while McCartney and Lennon could write catchy tunes, their playing was really bad. Just couldn't get into listening to them because of all the mistakes in their playing.

Then I found out that the famous record producer Quincy Jones thought they were “the worst musicians in the world” (talking about their lack of ability to actually play their instruments:)


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hmm I kinda like that about them... growing up I always wrote The Beatles off as music for fuddy-duddys, a bunch of twits wearing suits and ties singing "I wannnaa hlddd ur haaannnnnddd :(" ...when I really sat down and listened to more and more of their stuff, I was surprised (aka "schooled") by just how raw they were

not too much flash, just legitimately cool guitar parts, chord progressions, song structures, melodies, harmonies, etc etc etc... it didn't even seem like Lennon cared what he was singing about, just wrote arbitrary songs about nothing [e.g. "I'm So Tired" (possibly the coolest song of all time...?)]

IMO whatever they lacked technically they made up for 1000% with sheer creative brilliance - they put together so many songwriting masterpieces that no single band will ever be able to come close to what they achieved... and it's not like they did it writing a bunch of bullshit, pedestrian Eagles songs - they did it playing shit that makes you wanna grit your teeth and say GODDAMN

in summation, I like The Beatles... so f-ck Quincy Jones

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Dave McGowan in his book about Laurel Canyon says most of the popular singing groups of the 70s couldn't play instruments. That was faked.

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Frank knew a lot. We should have paid attention. It's not too late.

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What is up with the freaking weirdo that keeps tagging.. What is the point?

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I don't really know. Guess they have a lot to say.

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David McGowan in Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon notes of Zappa that, "Frank’s daughter Moon “recalls men with straggling beards, body odour and bad posture who crouched naked near her playthings …” Also, the “Zappa children watched porn with their parents and were encouraged in their own sexuality as soon as they reached puberty. When they became teenagers, Gail insisted they shower with their overnight guests in order to conserve water.”"

And of course, Zappa's female dance troupe, the GTOs (Girls Together Outrageously) frequently included underage girls, similar to Kim Fowley's Runaways, whom he 'tastefully' dressed in leather and lingerie. McGowan also mentions at least one instance where Paulekas had girls (one of whom was 12) put on a lesbian sex show for his leering acolytes and it is extremely likely that Vito & Szou Paulekas were pimping their young son Godot/Godo out, "We know, for example, that a musician and writer named Raphael told writer Michael Walker that, before the child’s death, he had been present one evening at Vito’s place when Godot was brought out: “They passed that little boy around, naked, in a circle with their mouths. That was their thing about ‘introducing him to sensuality.’”

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Why do u mess up my lazing around hero worshipping routine...? Now all i have now is Trump and his cue.. ..dont pollute the temple of idol worship..thats all we debt slaves have left..

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All very true, however the porn watching has never crossed my path with a credible source. All of the family speaks so highly of Frank, the only negative stories were along the lines of "Dad didn't come to many of my ball games because he was too busy recording and touring." The man did love his groupies, which also did not win him any favors with his family and may have been a contributing factor to his fatal prostate cancer.

As for the GTO's, Frank dumped them and almost everything 60's free love-ish when a crazed fan broke his neck and nearly killed him in 1971. This was the first time, and maybe the worst, that Frank hit peak degeneracy. The Flo and Eddie years. FUCKING GARBAGE. The first dark age in his career, which culminated in the fire that inspired Smoke on the Water (where he lost all of his gear) and the Rainbow Theater incident that nearly ended his life and hospitalized him for a year. After that, Frank went into a heavy duty big-band phase, some of my favorite music of his! I think he knew it was time for a big change...

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I knew how to trick chicks into fucking a weirdo.

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How rapey of you to say

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A $40 bill?

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Are $40 Bills a fake denomination or are you referring to William Jefferson Clinton

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Hi @ignacious_riley: Interesting post. I'd like to ask you to please edit, and add sources:

However, what separates Frank from other CIA assets

We'd need a reliable source (not mere speculation) that Zappa was indeed working for the CIA.

he not only unmasked and despised CIA assets such as the Grateful Dead

Same as above: please provide a source that the Grateful Dead were CIA assets.

Frank grew up in the Laurel Canyon area

Please correct this statement.

Thank you. I will give you our 24 hours 'Grace' flair, so that you'll have some time to edit.

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Thank you, sir! Glad to spread the knowledge. I do believe that I have corrected everything that you have requested, please let me know if there's anything else that needs adjusted.

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Don't you mean include a link with the accusation that the Grateful Dead were CIA assets? You expect the CIA to confirm this? Do you ask the Q post to prove that what Q says is going on behind the scenes is actually happening? Do you label it "possibnle disinfo"? Nope, you promote it. Get thee gone pedo mod.

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Get thee gone pedo mod.

You're the pedo here, not me. :-)

Remember that you called the cp photographs in Tony Podesta's collection 'tasteful nudes'? And defended Woody Allen against pedophilia allegations? And that you wanted to have a beer with a guy that played down child rape, and advocates raping women?

You're not only a troll, you're a stupid troll. A smart troll wouldn't slip up like this.

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We have to idol worship...why dont u understand the game ? We debt slaves dont want to take responnsibility ...we just want to circumambulate the idols pushed before us... ..they r blaspheming that Frank is Cia , ..then Q is Cia, ...and god forbid..our messiah is CIA... ..what is it turns out that the CiA is actually Cia..my whole existence is here at stake... Idol worship is all we debt slaves have as a past time.. Get thee hence , spoilsport

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Posts like these is why I still prefer Voat to r/conspiracy. I remember reading David Mcgowans book(who died suddenly btw, not long after his book was published) a while back, and it leaving a lasting impression. Frank Zappa especially being an anamoly i was having trouble coming to terms with. He was far ahead of his time, and really did seem to have good intentions in many respects. I think he did have some personal inight into these matters. Thanks for delving deeper into this

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All I know is I'm moving to Montana soon. Yup, gonna be a dental floss tycoon.

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