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It's about time you got back to work LOL:

  • Artwork a la Alex Podesta and the otherone which did the hybrid human things

  • Tunnel builders

  • Friend of Panda

  • Down with the Clown

  • Pizza Slut frequently recurring theme. For a long time in colloquial vernacular.

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Dude, I just searched Alex Podesta's name and all I saw were pictures of him wearing a white rabbit costume in every picture! WHAT..............THE..............FUCK???!!!

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Welcome to the rabbit hole.

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just going to put this here,

you guys have to check out this thread this person did on twitter on the Nike CEO’s art collection.

Tony Podesta tier weird shit, dig dig!


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He’s also Director of the Directors Board at Disney

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Just a coincidence....of course....

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Hes Right,! How have we not seen this for so long? That Mickey - Wicked thing just takes he piss, Now im thinking what other symbols etc could be ambigrams. Q has mentioned Reflections. Its probably not related, but its worth a quick look.

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Wow. That's some really sick stuff. He is where he is for a reason.

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That Mark Ryden's shit is the worst!

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Leonardo Di Caprio and Katy Perry collect his paintings. And Lyndsay Lohan had a tattoo made after one of his paintings...someone did a post about it IIRC.

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Just a note on the blood splattered vest picture....

A comment to it says you'd suit Feltham better....that's a notorious young offenders institute near London

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Maybe it's nothing but it would be interesting to look at the residents. They're a band that has some very unsettling qualities who have lots of eye imagery. They're identities have remained secret for a long time also.

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On the subject of ICP, I heard Violent J defend Michael Jackson's "sexual preference" back in the early 2000s when he was accused the 2nd time. Also, their old Manager Alex Abbiss (pronounced like Abyss) supposedly "retired" but he was allegedly fucking young teenage girls in the butt, and they were getting heat about it, so they talked him into leaving the company. I have nothing to back these claims. It's just speculation about Alex, but I definitely listened to J defend a pedophile for fucking kids. ICP are not Satanic in any way though, and believe it or not, are quite religious. Some of their fans may be Satanists, but that's not what they promote.

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Haha so you think 1 of those 2 idiots made that spiral graphic? Knowing them they probably looked at the cut, thought it was cool, and that was it. I've listened to their music, and "followed" them since 1994. I've heard stories about dumb shit, but never anything involving pedophilia with ICP. If there was nything more, I would know about it at this point. If the shit about Alex is true, and they knew about it, then fuck them. We're on our way to this becoming a witch-hunt though, and we should be careful throwing these accusations around without sufficient evidence.

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what a rabbit hole that all is.

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There are so many people out there who so do not GAF anymore about anything and will post the evidence of their crimes publicly for all to see! Sickening how these people are allowed to exist.

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On https://media.8ch.net/file_dl/e2b2c9a6ead7dc637691d546de1baa92bf9b8470a24437de34fae3f54d34687d.png "A disturbing pic depicting a demon pedophile." She uses a cherry icon, I assume that means she likes those food code words, huh...

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Cherry being slang for vagina is pretty common (iirc), especially in a sexual context (ie “popping a cherry”). Would be a good idea to check for any pedo contexts though.

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Well in this context she meant it as a pedo comment, is all I was trying to say... it was just a dumb comment I guess.

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