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thank you! i realize the hurriedness of my post. i will be more than glad to share those records when i have some more time to gather them. i just tried paying $1.50 per search on the kansas judicial website for my mom's records + came up with nothing / can't afford to spend more money @ the current moment.

I was raised by my grandma + know that my mom has had over six dui's + is a felon. there should also be record of my grandma winning custody of my brother + I when I was younger. I will be providing records when I can, I promise.



hopefully nothing will end up happening + i can share records + my full story with you all. if not, i know you are all fucking bad asses fighting for justice + my name will live on. thank you. ♥

also: my mom's name is Jessica Davis, my grandma's name is Sally Henry..this is a link to my grandpa who abused me's obituary:

"He was a member of Iola Lodge No. 38, AF&AM, Salem Chapter No. 4 of Order of Eastern Star in Iola, Scottish Rite bodies in Fort Scott and Mirza Shrine in Pittsburg. He was a member of the American Legion and Elks Lodge, both in Iola, and the Kansas Veterinary Association. While in Lyndon, he served on the school board for seven years."


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This is more for people who happen to read this rather than directed at you. There is a fine line between presenting evidence and doxxing one self. Since you had already said your name, location, and age in the youtube video I felt okay asking for more info. Maybe you posted too much though. I hope I didn't make it easier for your enemies to find you. On the other hand you did lessen my skepticism. I'm kind of torn on this one.