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my name is brandon life is in danger as i am a pizzagate survivor born in 1992. i know this may seem far-fetched but recently attacks on my life have been made where i live in omaha, nebraska. please if anything happens to brandon henry in omaha, nebraska fight for justice for my name + the countless others. this is a link to my youtube page:

i am not lying + will share more once i am safe.


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Hi there, we are always receptive to former survivors. However, we have to be skeptical due to people LARPing in the past trying to find out what we were researching in order to cover the trails or just get us off on wild goose chases. A couple of things, without evidence it's harder for us to believe you. If you can give court records of your mom's drug use or even any other specific evidence, it will help your cause. TBH, I can't find anything on the internet when I search for "Brandon Henry Omaha NE" so it will be helpful if you can point us to other records of your past (e.g. old facebook page, high school graduation list, etc). If you have the evidence of the crimes committed against you, you may want to consider suing. Even if you don't, other evidence may be found in the course of the investigation. Obviously, if to much of the government is against you, that would not be advisable. It may be good for you see a professional counselor, as mentioned in this post.


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thank you! i realize the hurriedness of my post. i will be more than glad to share those records when i have some more time to gather them. i just tried paying $1.50 per search on the kansas judicial website for my mom's records + came up with nothing / can't afford to spend more money @ the current moment.

I was raised by my grandma + know that my mom has had over six dui's + is a felon. there should also be record of my grandma winning custody of my brother + I when I was younger. I will be providing records when I can, I promise.



hopefully nothing will end up happening + i can share records + my full story with you all. if not, i know you are all fucking bad asses fighting for justice + my name will live on. thank you. ♥

also: my mom's name is Jessica Davis, my grandma's name is Sally Henry..this is a link to my grandpa who abused me's obituary:

"He was a member of Iola Lodge No. 38, AF&AM, Salem Chapter No. 4 of Order of Eastern Star in Iola, Scottish Rite bodies in Fort Scott and Mirza Shrine in Pittsburg. He was a member of the American Legion and Elks Lodge, both in Iola, and the Kansas Veterinary Association. While in Lyndon, he served on the school board for seven years."