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i currently reside in omaha, nebraska + can attest to the heavy masonic shadow government which runs things here.

i have been skimming voat since the reddit thing life is in danger as i am a pizzagate survivor born in 1992. i know this may seem far-fetched but recently attacks on my life have been made where i live in omaha, nebraska. please if anything happens to brandon henry in omaha, nebraska fight for justice for my name + the countless others. this is a link to my youtube page:

i am not lying + will share more once i am safe.


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Here is a link to the obituary of the grandfather who abused me:

"He was a member of Iola Lodge No. 38, AF&AM, Salem Chapter No. 4 of Order of Eastern Star in Iola, Scottish Rite bodies in Fort Scott and Mirza Shrine in Pittsburg. He was a member of the American Legion and Elks Lodge, both in Iola, and the Kansas Veterinary Association. While in Lyndon, he served on the school board for seven years.'


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keep sharing, bro


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i cannot post my own thread yet but this is some more information: hey there! i've posted in the comments of the pizzagate submerse, obviously...

firstly, here is a link to my youtube page:



i'm a twenty-six year old named brandon michael henry who was born in fort scott, ks to stephen michael henry + jessica jane davis (01/10/1966). i currently reside in omaha, nebraska + am trained as a graphic designer.

my father passed away when i was six weeks old from a failed kidney transplant. my mother is a drug addict + a satanic witch. she has been addicted to meth since she was sixteen years old + that is how my grandfather Dr. George B. Henry a renowned mason in the Iola, KS area (obituary for reference: took advantage of the situation + the ritualistic abuse began.

i have many memories of my "cousins" (whose parents were also drug addicts) + i being photographed in the bath tub + other compromising positions. i remember he had a green tile walk-in shower built in his home as well + would abuse us in it as well as across the street. my mother + her boyfriend for many years, joseph beamen, would even sell my brother + i for drugs. much of this was done for access to drugs. i even recall my brother + i being left in a car in the middle of nowhere overnight for the police to find us + abuse us. i now believe this was intentionally set up.

my half-brother is incarcerated + has severe mental issues due to our childhood abuse + bc my mother's drug use was much heavier during her pregnancy with him. his name is darren logan henry (03/03/1993) + he is currently locked up in shawnee county jail in topeka, ks. KDOC# 0104886 (

when i went home to kansas a few weeks ago my mother prepared food for me, biscuits + gravy, and the gravy was brown...looking back i should have questioned but i didn't. days later there were marks all over my arms indicative of a bacterial infection. when i went to the emergency room for this + heart palpitations they claimed i was "dehydrated" yet never even hooked me up to an IV. i asked my mom later about the gravy + she acted shocked. when she was here "helping" me move she also spread some sort of weird smelling bacteria all over one of my towels + tried to say it was her "jergons natural glow" so i would wash it with all of my other towels. freemasons have been sneaking into my home every time i leave + placing bacteria in the sink of my kitchen + in my bathroom. i recently cleaned my apartment after only living here for one week and found many odd bacterial + fungal things smelling awful in my kitchen + bathroom as previously stated. i have installed a front door camera + they can somehow edit it or something + still enter. i know this all sounds so far-fetched but that is what they want. they want you to think that i am crazy or on drugs + i swear to the highest, most divine god, the father of jesus christ that i am not making any of this up or exaggerating. i have learned within the past few months that truth is truly stranger than fiction.

i have issues with my sinuses + could not smell for a long time, come to find out, they were even placing this bacteria on my sandals so people at my workplace would judge me + not want to be my friend / cause me embarrassment + shame. the tactic for months was to drive me to suicide but i realize that i am here to serve a higher purpose. strangely enough, the issue with my sinuses has greatly improved after i had an energy clearing from my body + the energy of jesus christ helped me. the woman who performed it said several entities left through my head. you may not believe in them but that doesn't mean entities are not real, in fact, if you don't believe that gives them more power over you.

prior to this year i was 350lbs, i believe over-eating was obviously a coping mechanism from early childhood trauma, but further than that, entities have been sent to me through my grandmother who was married to the aforementioned George B. Henry to worsen the situation. i even had my gallbladder removed roughly a year ago. basically, any avenue that could compromise my health in any way has been taken. this summer when i visited her i awoke to a very warm feeling over my root chakra, and from my understanding, this was an entity attaching itself / entering my aura. since then i had perverse sexual thoughts + depression. i have since cleared it though.

my mother came to stay with me last october for a few weeks since she had nowhere to go after a meth binge + guilted me into it, and i didn't realize at the time why, but she spread water all over the walls of my shower (it did not have tile on the walls). this was to try + give me black mold poisoning. at my old apartment all of the drains also became clogged very frequently with bacteria + various other things. recently, in my new place, i came home to my toothbrush smelling like urine / the toilet. i also had a sage stick in the bathroom + it wreaked of urine as well.

being raised by my grandmother was not a pleasant experience, she owned "SystemWorks" a company affiliated with the district court of Shawnee County in Topeka, KS. she retired somewhere around 2005. she was beyond physically + emotionally abusive, i believe satanists further abuse victims as a means of control + because they are serving their "master" if there is terror, fear, and sadness being injected into another. there should be records of her being reported to CPS for beating me with a metal pole when i was fifteen years old. this was the only incident i reported + it was because i told a therapist about it. there were literally countless other examples growing up though.

from my understanding, i was born as livestock to my family, just a sex slave to be used + abused, then tossed away. my life is not worth anything to them, in fact, i am a liability. you may wonder why i have continued relationships with them up until the past month, which i am unsure about as's almost like a sick dynamic in therapy we called it triangulating. almost like an addiction. it is a constant between my grandma, my mom + i. further than that, my grandmother is a multi-millionaire + uses money to control me / keep me a part of her life as well as using love spells i believe.

also, both my grandmother + my mom use mind control techniques on me to place thoughts in my head...particularly if i am with them in person. i am unsure exactly of how it all works but my mother confirmed to me before that "your grandma seems like she would be very good at mind control". this summer when i was in kansas after quitting a job in nebraska due to embarrassment of me "smelling" (a regret in hindsight, everything happens for a reason though) i spoke to my grandma about my spiritual awakening, etc. up until this point i had put out of my mind all of the abuse etc + just thought i had severe anxiety about all of it. after i was talking to her about love, archangels etc, suddenly i started having all of these extremely sexually perverse thoughts when i went to shower. upon coming back into the living room to see her, my gut began growling bc she was acting so smug. she had influenced my thoughts.

my mother also tried it, she wanted some of my adderall prescription when i came home this summer. when she tries to influence my thoughts she begins tapping her foot + rubbing her hands together rapidly. i stupidly took her to colorado with me on vacation earlier this summer + the entire time she stared at all of my stones whispering things under her breath. i, too, put this out of my mind for months wanting to think the best of the situation. she has also admitted to me before that she enters my cat's body to spy on me. since then, i have learned how to protect him from this + better protect myself as well. by the way, the bacterial disease i spoke of is called "cat scratch disease" which i believe is the narrative they would go with if i were to pass away.

i realized that i was abused most of my life but once i came forward about all of it to my family last october, before realizing they were so heavily involved too, things have only gotten worse little by little.

prior to last october though, in april of 2011 i had a car accident which i believe heavy black magic was involved in. again, in february of 2012 an entity entered into my body + took far too many pills. as it was happening i was extremely conscious of the fact that i was not the one taking these pills. this was shortly after i had asked my grandmother if she worshipped satan + she did not respond. we have never spoken of it since. after this i ended up running my car off of the highway in yet another car accident but somehow survived.

i believe judge bullock of shawnee kansas also abused me several times, among other people of whom i do not have the full names of. i was involved in rituals + i remember hiding with my grandma sally (birthdate 01/17/1938) in the dead of the night in the prairie once bc they saw a car coming.

someone said i should state all of the details, dates etc that i can so this is me trying to do this. there is obviously more to report + say but as of now this is what i have. perhaps if this is approved i will reply with further information in the comments. i am formulating a plan but need to protect myself + get my story out in the meantime.


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Can you move? Get away from that place. Life can and will go on away from there and most likely BETTER. Will pray for you...