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Kids will never be safe ! Keep your own close people.

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a faith-centered community dedicated to the Catholic Tradition rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

@fogdrier, this statement appears to be inaccurate. The school has no links to the Catholic Church. The website you linked shows it being affiliated with a Protestant church. Please edit within the next 24 hours. Thanks.

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I got that off their website Why is it wrong

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Where on their website?

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@fogdryer, I am going to remove the post now since it wasn't edited per Rule 2 (Empiricism). Thanks.

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Protestant, Catholic, Iceberg, Goldberg. They are all fucking guilty.

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No they will never be safe when the men in charge of Our Children are ruled by a pedophile. How can he not be when he allows the rapes and abuse that have been going on for centuries. He has done nothing to stop them. Even his Bishops are saying he has other things to worry about. Like the climate. He has no concern for Our Children

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brandon henry is my name...i have been skimming voat since the reddit thing happened...my life is in danger as i am a pizzagate survivor born in 1992. i know this may seem far-fetched but recently attacks on my life have been made where i live in omaha, nebraska. please if anything happens to brandon henry in omaha, nebraska fight for justice for my name + the countless others. this is a link to my youtube page: https://youtu.be/EbZE8Wake1Y

i am not lying + will share more once i am safe.

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