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Personally, I think they choose Woody Allen as a fall guy - kind of 'see, we don't accept pedos in Hollywood anymore', hoping after that it's gonna be business as usual. He's 80+, and at the end of his career anyway.

But as we know, #MeToo fired backwards too, and it has become a remarkable movement in many countries, which no one of those who initiated it, in order to throw Weinstein under the bus, could have foreseen.

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no one of those who initiated it, in order to throw Weinstein under the bus, could have foreseen.

Yes, I think this is something these people who live in the Hollywood bubble don't "get."

They're desensitized to it, I think they really are clueless as to how angry people get about sexual assault, and they have no idea how visceral the reaction to this stuff is among the public.

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Even I upvoated you...shill

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I think what people need to remember is that Harvey Weinstein sold his production company, then formed a new production company that was in direct competition with the old one. He made himself into an enemy of the Hollywood movie elite, then #metoo happened to ruin him. There has been financial benefit for Hollywood elites, because those who have been outed by #metoo are small fry directors, independents, and TV people: the competition. Woody Allen hasn't been socially relevant for a long time, but his movies are independent, they compete with Hollywood.

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https://archive.fo/GSFcQ :

More actors express regret over working with Woody Allen | The Star

https://archive.fo/UJZqd :

Woody Allen Will Not Film A Movie Next Year For The First Time In Decades

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oliviacollette - https://archive.is/MWrqg

rogerebert - https://archive.fo/yyBVC

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Now the question is, how to keep it up. Especially by people who don't write for mainstream media.

Social media posting for example? Posting comments at publications that still have comment sections? Demonstrations, like those being held outside the Catholic church locations?

Maybe it will be useful to stop the pedophile careers of crooked politicians and government insiders too.

People need to be reminded that Kamala Harris, for example, refused to prosecute Catholic pedophile priests when she was a DA in California.

And people need to be reminded that as a prosecutor in California, Robert Mueller let Isaac Asimov's son, who had been caught red-handed with one of the biggest stashes of CP on his computers ever found by the cops, get off with 6 months of house arrest.

Then, when Robert Mueller worked for the FBI, he approved the deal that got Jeffrey Epstein off with a 13-month sentence where he was allowed out during the day to go to work.

These people need to have the meme attached to them, for example: "Harris covers for Catholic pedophiles" "Mueller lets pedophiles get off with a slap on the wrist."

Maybe then they'll become toxic enough to the public that their handlers will throw them under the bus (and expose themselves at the same time.)

Thanks for this, @ReddittRefugee. Going to sticky the post for a couple of days, so hopefully many people will chime in.

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Great post.

It’s so important to focus on the corrupt systems that have enabled these predators. How else would these people be free? There crimes are well documented. They are being protected.

Free in America:

Many catholic preists who Have well documented histories of child abuse. Many!!

Lawrence E King

Col. Michael Aquino

Jeffrey Epstein— along with ghislaine maxwell, sarah kellen vickers, and nadia marcinkova known on instagram as “global girl”

The second mile charity/Penn State

Laura Silsby

Dennis Hastert

...just a few of the well documented examples of monsters that are currently free in America and are being protected.

In all instances there is an active coverup. We need to expose the abusers AND their protectors.

The coverup and NDAs from USA gymnastics is a great example.

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If you sticky it, its garbage.

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Mueller also refused to look into the Franklin scandal even after he was made aware of what was going on there. Scroll down to page 63 to see his response.

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Can you plz give a brief description? Not sure what this link is.

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It's a link to a bunch of Ted Gunderson's docs on Scribd. He wrote letters to various law enforcement officials about Boystown and one was forwarded to Mueller who basically said he didn't see any evidence of FBI obstruction in the materials that Gunderson provided and blew him off.

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got links for your meuller claims?

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Here is a copy of the plea agreement.

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How is Brian Singer still going strong ??! Must be taken down,

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He will never be taken down. You guys don't get it. It will never ever ever happen. Even Harvey and Spacey being taken down, they weren't taken down. It's all just for show. It will never happen. Ever.

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It doesn't really matter about their fundage because all of these people are old as fuck and rich as hell already. They can live the last 10 years of their lives with all of the money that they already have. It doesn't matter if they lose their money unless they truly are retarded.

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