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Hey @Piscina,

We appreciate you sharing this link, but unfortunately we no longer accept 'share a link' posts on this sub. please see the new Rule 6 in the sidebar.

please repost this link as a 'discuss' post, along with a brief summary of how it is related to our investigation. Or repost in v/pizzagatewhatever. Thank you.

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ok. no problem.

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Running afoul of the rules now, are we?

Were you ever going to support your claims about the mods?

There is clearly one rule for the mods, who can and do call users 'cunts', and another rule for users, who get some of their pretty pertinent and relevant threads taken down.

What pertinent and relevant threads were taken down, @Piscina?

Why do you jump on the bandwagon with a bunch of shills when the subverse is very clearly getting attacked?

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=yHtrqGpeF7o :

Exposing Sodomite Rituals In Hollywood: So you wanna be famous? Watch this first... - YouTube

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