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Great work! Thanks for these articles. Very interesting that Pope Francis is apparently not well loved by the current Argentinian govt. Also, that Gustavo Vero conducted some shady business regarding sewing machines in textile shops and that he is an advocate against slave labor. Maybe that explains the shirts he's holding up in some of the pictures with Pope Francis: are those shirts being made in his shops, I wonder:




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Vero's textile business cooperative La Alameda produces the shirts, ostensibly to prove that clothing can be manufactured and sold without resorting to slave labor:

Thai, Argentine Textile Workers Unite Against Slave Labour: http://www.globalissues.org/news/2010/05/23/5709

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Shit, he probably has a harem of men and boys.

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Hot and Cold Running.

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Down voats. Will give you one to make up :)

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I thought the Vatican was the gay mafia?

Maybe not? Just infiltrated like everything else?

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Gustavo Vera ( Basavilbaso , March 24, 1964) is a Buenos Aires legislature, educational , political and social activist Argentine , head of the La Alameda Foundation and candidate for Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires in February by the Movement for Good Common .

He serves as Buenos Aires Legislator after leading in the year 2013 the list of candidates for Legislators of the City of Buenos Aires by the Front UNITE although in 2014 he left and founded his own political party, called the Common Good. 3

He served as director of the La Alameda Foundation , which fights trafficking in persons, slave labor, child exploitation, procuring and drug trafficking.


Gustavo Vera was born in Basavilbaso, Entre Ríos 1964 4 , was raised in San Martín, province of Buenos Aires, was Scout (USCA) for 9 years in the Scout Group N® 239 Santa Teresita de Saenz Peña, studied to be a primary school teacher In the School Mariano Acosta , in 1985, and it was dedicated to the teaching in public schools.

On being appointed president of the Commission Against Trafficking in Persons of the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Homosexual Community (CHA) made a presentation denouncing him to Marcelo Suntheim, inspector of the CHA, read at the meeting of the Commission, the And requested that copies be circulated to each of the members of the Commission against Trafficking in Persons.

There is much more including that he started hid own Party in 2014 called Common Good. What's really important is that it includes that he became a school teacher of primary grades. Young children and also has many associations that put him near children as well.

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Thanks so much for this!! Good to have a thumbnail sketch of this guy. Funny that the Argentine Homosexual Community denounced him. I wonder why? Here's an Aug 26, 2018 interview with him, but it's in Spanish. He doesn't look very Hispanic. http://donadoholmberg.com.ar/7440/la-asociacion-medios-vecinales-entrevisto-al-legislador-gustavo-vera

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The only thing I got from this is that the interviewer asks him a few times why he, as a legislator changed the codigo. Codigo means Customer Account Code. Also that he is doing thins without consulting the Community. Sounds much like our lawmakers. lol. Other than that I don't get much more.

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There could be some German in him since a lot of Germans settled in Argentina after WWII. I have met a few people from Argentina that are lighter like him. I bet the Homosexuals found out some sketchy stuff he was up to. Communities usually know all the gossip about their own. I will look at the interview now. Don't know much Spanish.

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From the post it seems like the guy is a child trafficker, so he's not the pope's boyfriend more like the pope's supplier of little boys.

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LOL! They are an odd couple.

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Yeah, well jorge might have found him hot decades ago, but whoa not now. I think there is way more going on, or was, than just a bf.

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Weird the search within the 2nd photo 'dot' on the right top bringing up different searches similar to that pic..........Killary is one of the pics it brings up to be similar haha

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I know. I saw that too Very odd indeed.

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I haven't even read the post yet, but I am just loving your title

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I was just going to send you a message to make sure you saw it. It's making the rounds on Catholic websites.

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We have great info from @FactFinder2 and I just added some. Hopefully others will join in. Thanks!

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I can't even. I have been wondering if he had someone stashed away or if he liked them small. This is shocking I mean the look of him. I am thinking if he IS his supplier as @Hydrocephelus says.

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These remind me of Killary and Huma, always by her side lol

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