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Notice that previously dropped child abuse charges other than those directly surrounding the death of the 3-year-old are not being readdressed. The feds are only looking at firearm violations and conspiracy to commit firearm violations--nothing about the kids.

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It's because they were charged with child abuse crimes but the prosecution failed to present the charges within 10 days at their preliminary hearing. I don't know why the prosecutors missed something so obvious, and I also don't know if those charges can be levied against the suspects again.

I believe the FBI is arresting them on anything that can't be legally challenged at the moment while they figure out what to do about the other charges. There will be plenty of time to bring up the child death as the case moves forward; I can only hope it doesn't get swept under the rug somehow.

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I don't know why the prosecutors missed something so obvious

Any time the government pretends to be dumb, they're doing it on purpose.

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From this previous Voat thread:

http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/29/3-extremist-muslim-new-mexico-compound-suspects-released-after-judge-drops-all-charges.html Archive: https://archive.fo/EnWSm

"Child abuse charges against them were dropped because prosecutors missed the 10-day limit for an evidentiary hearing to establish probable cause."


"Prosecutors could still seek [child abuse] charges for the three by asking a grand jury to indict them but offered no immediate indication on how they would proceed."

So what turned out to happen is that prosecutors announced today they're seeking a grand jury indictment on the death only. No mention of a grand jury for the child abuse charges, even though it would be legally possible to do that.

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What do you suppose the reason is for not addressing the children? I would think that is an important factor. The children are with social services and I remember looking them up in that area and there have been complaints made by juveniles regarding abuse. This is worrisome.

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See my comment to Samsquamch. I think they're not readdressing the child abuse charges because they believe the charges don't warrant the convening of a grand jury, which is apparently the route that would need to be taken. I hope the reason is not more nefarious than that, but it certainly could be, what with the feds filling in tunnels right away, etc.

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Who would put a bet up that mystery man Morton doesn't walk? Anyone?

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Not me.

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the fbi will load them on a plane to sell them

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The sentences they would receive if found guilty are way too low. First of all anyone teaching children to shoot up schools and teachers and LE should never get out of jail. But that probably won't fly so how about 30 years. If he is guilty of killing that little boy who was his son, well life with no parole. The sentencing has to get tougher. Way too lenient. I am wondering if they were being trained for False Flag Ops.

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they killed a 3 yr old

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I know. It is heartbreaking. I worked with children years ago and could never think about killing a child. These people killed their own. Every child is precious. They all come here for a reason. To be killed is not one of them. Stiff sentence. Very stiff. No parole.

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One of the kids spoke out about the gun trainings for mass shootings. It’s all over google at the moment.

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I know. I can’t believe they released it. It seemed they were trying to hide it at first. The FBI dragged their feet. Looks like someone is on the ball finally. This is a heck of a case. We must keep an eye on this. They must bring charges for the death of that poor little boy. My question has always been where did he get the money.

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fucken YAY !!!!!

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I knew something was amiss when the prosecution didn't meet a simpleton deadline. Feds took it and are hopefully going to buttfuck them...but in reality they'll probably get more funding and munitions from the FBI fucktards. It's all so tiresome...

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Looks like they didn't meet the simpleton deadline for the purpose of handing it over to the feds. Probs because this the fed's mess in the first place so they need to handle it in-house.

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It seems to me that while the original police charges (which got dropped) were focusing on the more serious crime of brain-washing children to carry out school shootings, the new FBI firearms charges are comparatively minor, and effectively cover up a much larger crime. The original local police charges revolved around child abuse, and causing the death of a child.

When children report they are being trained to carry out school shootings, and are being kept isolated in appalling conditions, that sounds an awful lot like MK-Ultra style brain washing.

Fox News (to their credit) have hinted as much as they can about what is going on (in my view). Note that the group was run by the son of an Imam who was part of the original 1993 Twin Towers bombing, that was a forerunner to 911. (Siraj Wahhaj is the son of one of the original conspirators, see article below). The twin towers bombing was an FBI organized "sting" operation, that apologists for the FBI claim "went wrong". It could very easily have ended up being 911 ten years before 911 was carried out, but an FBI informant covered himself by recording the FBI telling him to allow the bombing to go ahead. Without that, the public could have been told it was an "unforseen attack by Iraq or Afghanistan or whoever". But here is the key point: The fact Wahhaj Senior was never prosecuted for that crime, indicates he was working for the FBI (or some other state agency). Now his son has been running this MK-Ultra style operation turning out trained child spree killers. That's a very serious crime, yet the FBI are quietly focusing away from the brainwashed "Manchurian Candidate" kids and focusing instead on some firearms violations. Firearms violations that seemed so minor by comparison that local cops didn't even focus on that.


*"Wahhaj’s family background was already controversial prior to his arrest.

In addition to his father reportedly being named by prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing, the elder Wahhaj, who heads Masjid At-Taqwa mosque, was a character witness in the trial for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the notorious “blind sheikh” who was convicted in 1995 of plotting terror attacks in the U.S."*

UK papers reported that the "Blind Sheik" who these conspirators have a connection with, worked for MI5. No surprise that America's equivalent works for the FBI. This child camp sounds a lot like MK-Ultra, and that has US Military Intelligence written all over it. I hope I'm wrong, but the brainwashed child assassins element of this case may be quietly "forgotten". Here we have kids being trained to carry out school shootings. An FBI/CIA specialty. (more on that below, I know I can't throw that out there without information to back that claim up) One wonders if the local cops stumbled on a Federal operation, rather than a bunch of standard Jihadists.

Lets compare this to recent events in Florida. Some may recall about a year ago now the Florida airport shooting. In that case a man turned himself into the FBI in Alaska asking for their help, saying the CIA was forcing him to watch ISIS videos. Naturally the FBI took him into custody and then passed him onto local police. The guy was psychiatrically assessed, and then released, being totally ignored, yet declared entirely sane. Think about what that means. The cops shrink didn't think he was delusional. He was simply released. Presumably under orders from higher up. A couple of weeks later, he stars in the Florida airport spree killing. This is just one recent event that hints at "mind controlled" killers.

An entire book has been written pointing out similar cases with regard to the now forgotten "Serial Killer" phenomenon - Programmed to Kill : The Politics of Serial Murder, by David McGowan. Its a superb book, covering a difficult topic without gore, and with great black humour. Now we have spree killers rather than serial killers, as if at a high level there has been a change in policy on how to keep the public in "shock and awe" by these "lone nuts". (Who are anything but that when one looks at the details of such cases, particularly as exposed in court.) If you want to understand what is going on in this case, David McGowan's book, and a subsequent follow up book "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon", really nail what is going on.

For those who are unconvinced that this looks like a potential MK-Ultra style brain washing camp for kids. Consider that a key player running it appears to be an inter-generational FBI informant, if not an outright employee. Compare this with what went on over the Alfred P Murrah Bombing with Tim McVeigh. In that case, years after the event, it was revealed that Tim McVeigh had never left the military, but was working under-cover to infiltrate and discredit the then new and growing Militia movement. His medical records showed every week for a year in his final year in the military he visited the "Dentist", and he was still working for Military Intelligence when the bombing was carried out. There is a superb interview done by Alex Jones where he interviews two documentary makers who made a very good documentary exposing that part of the background to the bombing. It appears that McVeigh was a "real life Jason Bourne". A guy programmed to carry out the role he did.



So here we have a group of kids living isolated in such brutal conditions that one of them died. Kids under the tutelage of an inter-generational FBI "Jihadi" who is connected with a prominent MI5 run "Jihadi" over in the UK. The kids tell the cops they are in training to carry out school shootings, and local cops prosecute on that basis. Then the FBI take over, the local charges are dropped, and the only thing mentioned is breaches of firearms law.

In my view, its a very obvious deep state mind control program turning out young spree killers. The local cops busted this operation without the Federal government being able to stop them in time. However now the FBI had taken over, and appears to be focusing away from the serious problem of kids being trained for mass murder, and instead is focusing on some firearms law violations.

The effects of these state organized spree killings on society are very serious. They give the impression that people can just randomly become a lone nut spree killer, and of course are useful in changing legislation and disarming the populace. (Ultimately rendering them defenseless).

Individually, cases like this can be written off as "the government mishandled this", or "they didn't want to paint devout Muslims in a bad light" and so didn't pursue the very serious charges of training children to be spree killers. But when one sees a pattern of behaviour in related cases, it becomes obvious each case is not "incompetence" or the state being "politically correct". David McGowan's book "Programmed to Kill" documents from the public record, case after case where mass killers are continually released when caught, apparently to continue their mission. Killers who appear to have similar backgrounds, and appear to be under mind control. Case after case where FBI "Profilers" pronounce people "lone nuts" when they obviously were working with a large organized group.

So as an isolated case, yes, we could write this off to incompetence. However, I hope the books mentioned above, and links given above, and connections between those running the camp and the FBI, will highlight to people that this story is much bigger than it might initially appear to most readers.

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Great comment

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The FBI theoretically could use the Federal Kidnapping Act (Lindbergh Law) to pursue charges of kidnapping across state lines since the boy was supposedly kidnapped in Georgia. But they're not.

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Judges need digging on. So much blatant lawlessness, someone is wanting the investigative heat off Az right now. My big questions are "Who and why?"

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That fucking cunt judge needs to be harassed

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