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@MolochHunter, please take another stab at writing this up as a research submission. We need a title that clearly describes what the post is about, a description of how this is related to globalist child rape and maybe a quote from the article (though that is not necessary). Removing per Rule 3 since the title can't be edited. Thanks.

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Why are they bringing up Moloch? Could this be a message?

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israelnationalnews - https://archive.is/4WWfA

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yes absolutely

look at it this way: Western Civilization is collapsing. It despises itself. It has no collective vision for its future anymore. It WANTS to be raped, subconsciously, like a teenage girl , shitfaced drunk in resentment at her father, who wanders into a dimly lit alleyway telling her friends to fuck off she'll be fine.

parentless politicians, low birthrates, insistence on replacement by others, never defending its own values, culture, history, people. Disenfranchising the repeatedly packraped white schoolgirls of Rotherham from the justice system their forefathers fought for

The Jewish Right is awakening. It allowed the Jewish Left to soften Western Civilization for decades, it thought that was in its interests. In the wake of the Holocaust it was plausible. But now the Jews of Europe are staring down a Sharia Law Europe in which they will have absolutely no safety, and they realise they need to reinvigorate and support the Western Patriarchy

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Thanks for posting. That demon seems to surface in multiple places at the same time.

I remember it especially from HRC's emails.

Speaking of HRC, she is in Detroit with Bill at Aretha Franklin's 8-Hr long funeral. Bill was posing for pictures. May be interesting to look through press coverage at that event and see who is hugging who.

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Killary looking very drunk/sedated. Probably couldn’t stand long enough for pictures.


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She looks on her way out. Probably needs to suck on some kids pineal gland.

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i caught him ogling Ariana Grande lol

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Is this some sacred tranny event? SOmething strikes me as odd about the whole fanfare around her death. Maybe it's because I hate R&B and I'm biased. I fucking hate rap too.