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Adoptions & Safe families act ... the legislation that incentivised legal kidnapping by awarding CASH BONUSES for every kid thrown into the foster care system

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Shalala has been connected to the Clintons for almost 3 decades. We know how they keep using the same people over and over. They know the game and rules and are trusted to do their job. With that list you gave I hope to God she doesn’t win. I just read that Chelsea just said “well maybe” to running These monsters will not just go quietly into the night.

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Yea I didn’t know if it was ok to use that

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@fogdrier, I'm not seeing the link for the federal investigation claim. Can you edit that in please? Thanks.

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Nancy Schaefer says that CPS is unconstitutional.

Parents across this country need to be warned of the dangers of Child Protection Services nationwide.

“The Department of Child Protective Services has become a protected empire. It’s built on taking children and separating families.”

After she lost her State Senate seat due to what she believes was her report on CPS, she began to talk to other State Representatives and Senators around the country who were being confronted with CPS issues in their district, but they told her that if they did anything, they would lose their jobs just as Nancy Schaefer had.

Alex Jones asked her if there were “bounties on the heads of children” and Mrs. Schaefer said “yes,” and that in fact just the day before she had learned that “an order” had come in to a CPS office stating what kind of child someone wanted to adopt.

Mrs. Schaefer states that the financial motive for the State to legally kidnap children was put in place in 1974 by Walter Mondale with the “Adoption and Safe Families Act.” This was later expanded by President Bill Clinton in 1997 with The Adoption and Safe Families Act that gave states cash bonuses for every child adopted out of foster care. (Editor’s note: Bill Clinton signed this bill into law, but the bill was passed by the Republican-led House and Senate led by Newt Gingrich, so it was a bi-partisan effort initiated by a Republican majority in Congress.)

Nancy Schaeffer and her husband lost their lives. They were murdered. For telling the truth. We can't let Shalala win.

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https://archive.fo/UcYP8 :

Donna Shalala, forever tied to the Clintons, is just fine with running on her record - The Washington Post

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miamiherald - https://archive.is/yYrX9

medicalkidnap - https://archive.is/iw2vq

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@fogdryer: Removing now per Rule 2 (Empiricism), since the post wasn't edited as requested.

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I put the link in at the bottom

BevTran etc

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@Fogdryer, like @Vindicator, I wasn't able to find a reliable source and / or links to fed documents that she in fact is under federal investigation for all the stuff you cite:

Donna Shalala is under federal investigation for:

trafficking tiny humans through domestic and international foster care & adoption;

IRS fraud when she was CEO of the Clinton Foundation;


organ trafficking;

fraud schemes of Detroit Land Bank Authority & Detroit Home Mortgage Program to rip off TARP and traffic refugees of war;

selling databases to foreign entities;

destroying federal records;

using foster kids as psych drug lab rats; and,

bribing staffers to change congressional votes.

The blog you linked to isn't a reliable source, I'm afraid this is fake news.

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These monsters do not stop.

They are relentless.

That's what we need to be.