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Gavin Newsom rings a lot of bells. Lieutenant Governor of CA now running for Gov. Married to and divorced from Kim Guilfoyle. Former mayor of San Francisco and connected to J Paul Getty and Nancy Pelosi and now Alefantis? More digging needs to be done on Gavin Newsom and his possible connection to pedophilia and human trafficking. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gavin_Newsom

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He personally legalized gay marriage in SF, the first place in US history to do so.

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Also, $654 is a strange amount.

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Yes, I wonder if it has any meaning to it? That might be getting too far into the weeds though.

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Don't worry about getting into the weeds on this sub. We want to discover and document anything little that could be significant. Maybe the number has meaning, and maybe it doesn't. Someone here might know.

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go to google images and search for all Gavin Newsom images before 2008 then set the range to before 2007

What did you notice?

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I noticed he looks more thin and frail. Did he start smoking crack?

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I get essentially endless results for before 2008 I get 0 search results for before 2007

This may be info on google censoring if your results are different. I ran the query on Firefox browser with VPN to Atlanta.