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@Vindicator @think- @srayzie I think user ThiefofKnife is spaming the forum. Look how he is replying to every comment with the same info. No need to post the same comment 3 times in one thread.

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Removed duplicate comments (had to leave one copy). Banning @ThiefofKnife for spam.

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I wonder if a spam-bot is at work ... lots of many threads in 24 hours ...

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Nope. And that is one of the tiny handful of reasons I can delete Comments per Voatwide rules.

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Political dynasties are confusing and dangerous to democracy. Chris Cuomo isn't governor of New York, he's the younger brother, wonk at CNN2 at the moment. Andrew Cuomo is governor of New York, and seller of political favors. Both of them went to Fordham University to learn the law from Jesuit Catholic priests after attending ivy league schools for undergrad degrees. Andrew was Secretary of HUD under Clinton, and in 2010 he ran and became governor of New York, like his father Mario Cuomo before him. Interestingly Chris was on the ground in Haiti in 2010 reporting on the earthquake for 20/20.

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If only you were an MSM reporter.

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Nah...we don't WANT them to get any of the the real news to report and save their careers. Let them go down in history as whistling while Rome burned.

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Nothing wrong with Satan. If he's good enough for slayer he's good enough for me.

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It was said that Mario Cuomo, father of Chris and Andrew, couldn't run for president because of his wife's ties with the mafia.

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New York Governor Chris Cuomo

@IShallNotFear: Please replace 'Chris' with 'Andrew'. Chris Cuomo is the governor's brother... ;-)

Thank you.

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I have made the change. I apologize for that.

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Thanks, @IShallNotFear. No worries! :-)

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No wonder i was so confused....

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Weinstein is a Scientologist. So he basically can't be in trouble.

Should change their name to Shills

Cuomo sounds like a dirty word

It's obviously a bribe, but he probably really got way more in other favors.

25k must be some type of campaign finance cap.