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I wonder if any of these kids were among the "pizza" and "dogs" brought to the Obama WH from Chicago?

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Chicago 'Gang' shootings = Human Organ Trafficking OPS

HOMAN SQUARE is a CHOP SHOP where mostly African American's are rendered, disappeared, mutilated and pieced out in a systematic human organ trafficking CIA black site.


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The reports of people getting out of Homan square come from people whose family or lawyers have inquired there, putting pressure on to get them out. In other words, people outside knew the people were being held there, or were at least somewhere in "police" custody. I wonder what happens to people who no one inquires about them. It would be interesting to know just how many people disappear each year in Chicago. One more article from the guardian on Homan Square: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/19/homan-square-chicago-police-disappeared-thousands

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Do you know much about homan square ?

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Just enough not to want to know more...

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Bloods and Crips is just Masonic symbolism.

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absolutely and nothing has been done ever. with the rioting and media attention, they got nowhere...…

they have to keep fighting LOUDLY

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Rahm. It's Rahm Emanuel and I believe this needs to be looked at. His Summer Youth's Jobs Program


Get engaged by submitting an application to provide a summer job

It's a small investment for a big return. When you hire a young person or provide a meaningful work experience, young people are more engaged, more connected to community and more likely to complete school. Help your business while helping Chicago's talented youth gain employment this summer.

Your organization and/or company can participate in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's One Summer Chicago by hiring youth directly to work for your company or by serving as a worksite.

Apply online by answering a short questionnaire about your needs. Thank you for supporting Chicago's youth. Your involvement is essential in building tomorrow's workforce.

List of Corporate and Community Employers - Some that you will recognize - You know if they are on here, they are playing along.

Corporate - Allstate Bank of America BP Citibank Hyatt McDonalds Sprint etc.

Community - DuSable Museum Field Museum of Natural History Holy Cross Hospital John H. Stroger Hospital Loretto Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital National Puerto Rico Art Museum Norweign American Hospital Roseland Community Hospital

Salvation Army Saint Anthony Hospital Wonder Works Children's Museum

Just think about it, the kids are asked to fill out Applications. Along with they Applications they must have a Birth Cert. or Soc. Security Card Govt. ID. They only accept online registration applications. So it is all recorded. Think of the Data Base they have of Our Children.

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Rahm and his dual citizenship has given Israel it's title of human organ hub...oy vey

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Yes, and they are getting the organs from the children on his So. side of Chicago and also using organs of Palestinians. They hate both of them but not enough to die. Have you ever read Sherman Skolnick?


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theguardian - https://archive.is/gs570

onesummerchicago - https://archive.is/0eBeW

abundanthope - https://archive.is/t6LY9

abeldanger - https://archive.is/1stjl

Good work.

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Chicago has always been a city run by organized crime groups with the Mayor as the head of the city mafia it never changes. You can go back to the 1920's with Al Capone and the other mobsters and gangsters.

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Excellent post!!

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We now know that the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program — established by Richard the Elder in 1969 — long served as a federally-funded playground for child molestors. Pedophiles working in the program preyed on black children from poor neighborhoods, often placing them on government payrolls as “phantom” or “ghost” employees, with no other duties than to satisfy their tormentors’ sexual appetites...…….you are making me sick..I cant stand this....

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Richard Daley, Irish Catholic ....they were his base.

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its alost like each state has its own politican running that game. like mike pence in indiana, Mccain in az.
john dickert in racine went to jail as a pedophile

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