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I just keep thinking ‘children of the corn’ when you consider the tunnels

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Just looked that up. Yikes.

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Wow, Gilderoy, those two rabbits, the smaller one on the right, it has a swirl on it. I am shocked. Well, not really.

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I noticed that too x

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They stick them on everything thinking we won't notice. It's getting pretty obvious now.

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Thank you for this research. I have been thinking about the Comey-IA-Tibbets vectors all day. Another interesting angle.

I'm curious if the coroner report will provide any insight - like how long she was deceased for.

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Thank you! It's caught my attention, too. Been looking into it for days.

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What about "I hardly know me" in reference to him not knowing who he is, just like we have seen a lot of the sick "artists" depict themselves as detached from society.

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ADDENDUM: I've read several articles about how the FBI has been investigating the incidents involving Animal Liberation Front (who raided the University of Iowa and rescued 400 animals and destroyed years of research at the Psychology Dept's animal testing labs in Nov., 2004) for years. (Mollie Tibbets was enrolled in the University of Iowa's psychology program.)

In May, 2004, John Lewis, FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI testified before the Senate on the ALF and said the following:

"In recent years, the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front have become the most active criminal extremist elements in the United States."

He concluded:

"In conclusion, the FBI has made the prevention and investigation of animal rights extremists/eco-terrorism matters a domestic terrorism investigative priority. The FBI and all of our federal, state and local law enforcement partners will continue to strive to address the difficult and unique challenges posed by animal rights extremists and eco-terrorists. Despite the continued focus on international terrorism, we in the FBI remain fully cognizant of the full range of threats that confront the United States."

Nonetheless, despite their strong talk, the FBI was unable to uncover any leads in the Iowa University raid which occurred a few months later, which has been called one of the largest and most successful on a university research lab. Six years after the raid, the FBI admitted that their investigation had stalled and had produced no conviction even though the case was said to be "a priority for the FBI, which collaborated with federal prosecutors, UI police and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Hundreds of interviews were conducted, and investigators collected and analyzed extensive amounts of evidence."


Sounds like the FBI was enormously invested in finding the culprits.

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Sure I've read they use garden gnomes at homes to indicate that they are selling their kids off for sexual abuse, as well as children's drawings in windows.

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New growth for Iowa = new breeders for breeding?

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Sounds perfectly plausible. Iowa State University is very proud of its Maize Genome Database which is described as "a national center for agricultural bioinformatics, housing the USDA National Bioinformatics Coordinator for all animal species. In addition to the animal genome projects housed at ISU, internationally-recognized plant and microbial genome research projects are available to researchers as well."

Take a look at the G-nome gargoyle statues on top of the Molecular Biology building at Iowa State University (the same campus Comey visited when pictured with the giant gnome) if you don't think there is dysfunctional cuckery afoot in Iowa:


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I remember "Comey's Gnomey" - https://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening/2593799

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