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Mollies father, Rob Tibbetts left his job 5 days or so before she disappeared. Something just doesn’t sit right, does it?

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I just posted a tweet about him leaving the job about 8 days before. Exactly. Just doesn't sit right. Something is all wrong with this whole thing. Did he know ahead of time that she would be taken? There is something really strange about Rob, I have had a weird feeling about him from the start. Someone claims her real parents live in Minnesota as well. Is this another Fake Story Problem brought to us by the DS Cabal? It's starting to look like it. Also the possible MK Ultra criminal they have pinned this on was an employee of a rich farmer connected to some DC Politician. As usual you can't make this stuff up. I see a movie in the offing.

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A la Johnny Gosch? His father betrayed his son.

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I dont link but posters should. However we need some links from. OP or commentators re. Robs departure fromSan Fran prior to Mollies disappearance b/c folks are drawing inferences which may or may not be valid. @carmencita and @deriveuk

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Brooklyn Iowa- Is like Many towns across this country. Seems Like a normal- Quite, small town. But it's a town where not only does everyone know Each other.... They all share Secrets. Many Secrets.... Their Bond with each other is strengthened Knowing that Any One "secret" could lead to all subsequent, (Or many) "secrets" Being uncovered...

It's not just the family That Is sketch- There are dozens of People involved. Doesn't mean dozens of people were involved in the Murder- But If People don't play their roll- They are putting their own, Seemingly unrelated, Secrets at risk..

If you call In fake Tips To saturate the tip line- (Which they always do with these Types of kidnapping/murders) You're involved....

If you Tell reporters, "This is such a quite town- Where everyone leaves their doors unlocked, anD we're all just Living the slow life" (when You damn well know what is going on in that town) You're involved.

If you're On the police Force- And Do anything other than Follow the evidence... "You're involved"

I don't think The boyfriend was involved in the actual murder- But I think He was out of town, And she was staying at his house watching The dogs Was no coincidence.

Obviously if it was an illegal alien who killed her, He wasn't random-

I have too many things I'm working on- I simply can't do my own Research into the case- I can only speculate based on the reporting of this case,(Which I haven't been following too closely either) and It's similarities to the Standard Modus Operendi pertaining to kidnapping/murders In These sort of "Shadow towns."

Has There been any connection made to ms-13 yet?


Edit; My response to @gilderoy because It wont let me make a new reply.

The deepstate/shadow government- (I know Thy're different but it applies to both) Love their names. The same names, In different states, usually mean the same thing- Or you can expect to find the same thing...Names mean the same thing, DOWN TO the street... Hell-Even the Number Of the addresses has significance... Which we won't get into now, but Streets Include but are not limited : Euclid, Walnut, Front st, Hope, Elm, Fulton, MONROE, to name a few- Find those streets In any given city, And you've found a ratline of fuckery.

As far as what You posted about dude knowing who has the child- THEY ALWAYS DO. Always. If not the specific person, They could take a guess....OR They know its not "Random" lets just say that....And the dude says.

. “I love her and I know her tribe is strong

Did you share that quote with me because he mentiones

"The Tribe?"

Because that's exactly what I'm talking about in my Original Comment. It's like how Comet ping Pong employees refereed to themselves being in a "TRIBE"

This shit isn't about People Breaking bad- They are literally born into it. So it spread Exponentially... we have 3 generations of Deepstate Fuckery at play.... If you find someone involved In the deepstate shit show between 20-35yr old chances are their parents, And their grandparents are also involved... You go down south or to the inner cities of cleveland, or Philly, and you got 4 generations at play- fucking great grand parents, To grand kids involved.

Shit be cray cray. It's so much bigger than anyone has come close to addressing.

And TO CLARIFY- THERE ARE A SHIT TON OF VARYING LEVELS...Not everyone involved, Kidnaps and fucks kids- That's simply not the case- But Regardless of the severity, They all share secrets.

===============================================================+++++++++++++================== Edit: And to clarify- This is all going to be exposed- I'm not being all doom and gloom trying to say There are too many people involved.... I'm simply saying there are a lot more involved than most realize...

That being said- A lot of fucking people want out. You give most the people involved an opportunity to get out, They will.... The majority of these people aren't the retards willing playing the same play over and over again, In hopes that "THIS IS THE TIME" that it will finally benefit them.. (Ya know- The die hard trump critics.)

And I know I'm all over the place- SOrry for that.

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Interesting that the name of the town is Brooklyn. Remember last summer when Donal Logue's transgender son/daughter, Jade Logue, went missing from Brooklyn Heights? His/her father posted some strange messages, too, as if he knew who had his child.

For example, he said this:

On Friday, the “Gotham” star also begged Jade to reach out to them as soon as possible. “I love her and I know her tribe is strong (I’ve met many wonderful people through Jade). But there are some predators who swim among their ranks knowing they’re dealing with sweet, trusting souls. We want you home Jade. Whoever knows where she is, whoever may be with her– clearly this thing has become big and crazy. The net has been flung far and wide and luckily, I have dogged teams from the NYPD, FBI, and others involved. The point is, you may have had good intentions to help her, but I’m sure you realize that this situation is bigger than you could’ve anticipated. It’s okay. Just drop her off. Let her get back in touch with her mother, Kasey, or me — we’ll take her back, with hugs and no questions asked. Contact us If you have any information regarding Jade’s disappearance or Detective Frank Liuzzi at 718 636 6547. There is an “out” for this situation that works for all involved. We promise.

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It might be possible that the rest of Rob Tibbetts familly is being threatened to get him to cooperate with something. He seemed like he thought that Mollie was dead when being interviewed before her body was found.

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He may know too much about international connections?

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What I thought was strange was when the mother said to a reporter that she just knew that Mollie would be found safe & sound and back home before they went on a vacation next week. Like, who would give a shit about a vacation at that point. Just seemed like an odd thing to reference.

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I do not see any where in news where Rob left his job in San Fran prior to Mollies disappearance. He went out to Iowa to help but was sent home after several weeks to let police tend to this. Im sure he has gone back there since the discovery of her body.

Rob last saw her a year. ago at his wedding. where she served as his best man. Robs background explains some aspects of this case given what we now know of HOK.

This is a power company with execs accustomed to schmoozing with powerful people which may or may not be connected to satanists. Rob may have put all his energies into publicizing his daughter's predicament and obtaining large funds for a reward. He may have established the reward with his own funds because he had the capacity to do so. He and HOK are the big players accustomed to being in charge. Can you imagine letting the police force of a town of 1500 take charge.

The description of Mollie was over-the-top due in large part to her father. Things and people are bigger for these folks, their offspring bigger and better. Mollie was lovely and full of promise like millions of other coeds but in the last analysis was an ordinary girl. Some weird elements to his interviews but California and their inhabitants are weird. Laura Calderwood Tibbits escaped Cal. a decade ago taking her 3 children with her.

The farm industry and the horse industry is chock full of latin immigrants legal and otherwise.

The building in Haiti is hideous and does not do credit to HOKs typical projects. It looks like a Motel 6 covered with bars "cleverly" in the shape of children. I bet it cost gazillions to build with actual construction costs a pittance with obscene profits for HOK in the end. HOK along with construction and architectural firms around USA were still staggering in 2010 from the Great Recession that began in 2008.

Haiti helped so many ruthless businessmen recover from the GR. Hail to the Clintons! May they rot in hell. It always comes. back to the Clintons, doesnt it?

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I think it is a fake place just like his Sustainability site in Haiti. He set that up and some of the Lincoln Park Band were even there with him at an event. Sick stuff they have been passing off on us all. Sustainability is what they are all about. Bill C has been setting up fake Sustainability sites all over with the latest fakery in PR. Some of the same players from Haiti. I think you are right about how that place looks. Looks like something someone started and then ran out of money.

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I wish Trump would outlaw the word sustainability, it is so abused and used to exploit $$. Costly projects justified by sustainability features such as LED lighting, Bill giving his dumb blond paramour in Westchester millions and millions to retrofit a few old buildings with additional insulation. I fervantly hope that millions of citizens pour out onto the streets in celebration of the death of one of the Clintons while the other gets to witness proof that they are despised...and all this coming from a former Democrat who voted for Bill in 1992 thinking he was the new JFK! Ill have a stroke if I dont change the subject soon.

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I have a couple minutes, (hard to be away from computer with so things to discuss!)

The building in Haiti is hideous and does not do credit to HOKs typical projects.

A pro bono case with HOK and U.S. Green Building Council. Started raising money in 2012? By 2014 they said "next year!"....by 2017 they said "April 2018!"...still not sure if it's open.

But consider angles, logistics (not accusing any particular person/or HOK or UGBC as a whole): CF or CGI working deals, facilitating contracts for their donors. Consider potential for money laundering operation. How convenient for people to travel the world, stopping in Haiti to see how the building's coming along etc. How convenient would it be to have nodes along trafficking routes and other logistical (VIP?) advantages, (like airports your company or your donors built?)

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https://twitter.com/AlwaysIntegrity/status/1033059533797642240 Her father left his job 8 days before she disappeared and WHAT?

Her real parents live in Minnesota? First I heard this.

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To me, she looks a little Asian. This post is the first I’ve heard of her having other parents (bc I don’t have cable and refuse to check MSM websites) but her mom doesn’t appear Asian, what about her dad?

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Well, he doesn't look Asian either. AND it is hard to find personal info on them. I mean other than your ordinary variety. It seems almost as if info is being controlled. Hmm. I wonder who would be doing that. I don't have cable either and have to depend on local news. Just the bare minimum. I think I would faint if they brought up the Comey in the cornfield subject. LOL.

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I wonder Is it one of the Rothschilds resilient cities

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I've got a little mini rant at the moment, you don't need to take it personally.

On target


Our legacy spans 50 years. Several organizations were conceived here, among them: the National Endowment for the Arts, National Public Radio, the International Criminal Court and the Presidential Climate Action Plan. Wingspread, the centerpiece of our campus, is a designated U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Freaking huge! But instead of dropping this gold nugget say, dunno 13 days ago?..or whenever WIC team did what you started up again, like....A YEAR AND A HALF AGO!!!! NO, you and WIC cryptically highbrow people when you could have not only dropped this lead, but written about it... IT explains ALOT, it gives direction, all encapsulated just in this lead.

Okay so now you've posted the link, done. So GTFO with your Utter BULLSHIT! Because if you were anything but a fraud you could have written about this a long time ago, instead of indulging either in demonic pride or banal shitposting disguised as murky evangelic warnings, and rumor has it... STALKING behavior.

"Oh miracles CAN happen" RIPper claps hands at children slow to understand... "Oh Are you finally beginning to understand the Great Deception and the Evil Agenda?" RIPper the Sage gently chides with most condescending self indulgence.

Yes Great PG Phantom presence, we're 5:5.


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This will sound awful, but I do believe Molly’s father “sacrificed” her for something big. This is rather common in luciferian/Freemason/Kabbalah/Illuminati circles. When sacrificing a loved one, especially a child, you are granted something great and made powerful. I’m thinking along the lines of business and money. We should watch him closely now and check records to see what he owns business wise, etc. However, these people have Swiss accounts and hide money everywhere they can. He definitely moved up the ranks, that I can guarantee. Sick fuck.

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Now I'm wondering about business connections made post mortem for the parents of McCann and Ramsey.

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I think your spot on.

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Hi @kestrel9, please add two or three sentences at the top of your post about this case. Otherwise, people who have been on a holiday or are from abroad, and don't know anything about this case, won't know what the post is about.

Also, you might put the link to @DerivaUK's post at the top of your post, so that people can easily read the background story that led to your submission.

Thanks! Please keep up the good work.

I'll give you the '24 hours Grace' flair, so that you'll have some time to edit.


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Done :)

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Thank you, @kestrel9, great intro! :-) I already removed the flair.

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https://postimg.cc/image/m6vginqh7/ [shrug] just something i noticed

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Good eye, I really appreciate that link, thank you.

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... Montezuma, Iowa? Seriously?

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