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Only a matter of time before bible prophecy is fulfilled. The Catholic Church and all other apostate false religions will be razed to the ground. Tick tock.

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I always liked Liam Neeson. I hope he means that and is really fighting for them. The Taken series was all about Human Trafficking.

"They had a right to exist. They were not “the devil’s issue”, as some people and establishments referred to them. A wrong is still a wrong and a crime is still a crime no matter how many years have passed. A proposed bronze plaque isn’t going to absolve those responsible for this horror."

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I always really liked him too, and him putting his face on this is - i hope - a huge fuck you to the cabal. He would surely know what goes on in hollywood, and I pray that he is one of the few who got out.

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Except the guy is anti-gun and makes his movies with guns in hands. I hate hypocrites.

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Just realized he starred in Spielbergs Schindlers List....I wonder what he knows

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Pope’s visit to Ireland has been going pretty badly so far I’m delighted to say. Greeted by a handful of people on his parade through Dublin yesterday http://magaimg.net/img/60eu.jpg

The anger here is palpable; €32 million of taxpayers’ money spent on this farce, and he hasn’t even bothered to apologise to the Irish people on behalf of his Church for the decades of damage this institution inflicted upon us. Look it up: mass graves of infants from Mother and Baby Homes, graveyards filled with dead boys on the grounds of their industrial schools, enslaving young girls in Magdalene laundries for life and literally selling their babies to the highest bidder, thousands of children sexually abused by pedophile priests with the knowledge of their superiors, not to mention the physical and psychological abuse that was commonplace in Catholic schools and continued until at least the 1990s. They also continue to run 97% of our primary schools and many of our hospitals 😡

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Oh wow those images say it all really!

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Recommend movie titled The Magdalene Sisters. Its horrific

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Pope’s visit to Ireland has been going pretty badly so far I’m delighted to say.

LOL :-)

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I question if Liam Neeson is a good guy! The likelyhood that he is one of them (the pedos) is high just based upon his level of stardom in Hollywood. People don't tend to get that on top without being compromised or "in the club" sadly.

But if he is to be given the benefit of the doubt, great! However there is no doubt that he is anti 2nd amendment and has spoken out against it. Funny that he makes his millions as a bad ass toting a gun, but doesn't want the rest of us to be able to arm and protect ourselves.


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the catholic church ....... sigh

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How did those babies die? With all recent Satanic Ritual Abuse cases would be good to put some light on it, for those unaware best to check Fiona Holowczak on google

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It doesn't even need to be SRA to be evil, many of these children died of physical torture and neglect at the hands of supposedly godly people who appointed themselves as moral bastions

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Exactly! The babies may have simply been killed as they were evidence of sexual abuse.

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It has been thoroughly researched, thanks to a great local lady, who has also been in touch with former residents of the home. In this case, there were no SRA allegations. Victims reported maltreatment by the nuns, who dumped bodies in a pit, some of them in an empty sewage tank. Which is terrible enough.

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how does anyone kill 800 babies without it being SRA???

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Thank you Liam Neeson. We are with you on this! How can we help?

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https://archive.fo/r09vH :

Tuam scandal of the cesspit babies - and now Liam Neeson joins fight for Pope to face the truth | Daily Mail Online

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