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Interesting that Jem777 and the alt mej777 the handles for that dead journalist are mentioned specifically as bot controllers in the last link - 3 weeks ago.

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You're very right about an attack going on. It makes me wonder why? And why now? Hmmmmm

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I'm not sure. She is going to try to destroy these forums. We need our mods here NOW and asap.

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I'm here gamepwn. Just deleted a thread. I cannot delete Comments. I can ban alts for breaking submission rules only. Please ping users to downvote to counteract the bot storm. I have a suspicion that replying to these bots causes them to reply back, resulting in the post climbing the "Hot" listing, so do not reply or comment on the thread. Just DM people and downvoat. Negative CCP will neutralize them.

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She had three rulebreakers, so I banned her. Thanks for the summary thread gp.

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The name SarahMoore is very interesting.

https://www.smh.com.au/interactive/2017/family-ties/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Moore_(The_Family)

Who ever is using that name on here must know Sarah Moore was a SRA victim and also she died in 2016.

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Interesting. This particular shill used to go by "Sarah Podesta". I think "Sarah Moore" is a ref to Jenny Moore.

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read/contribute relevant information to pizzagate, then move along...

if this sub has survived this long, I'm sure it can weather the storm

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F.S attack?

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Can she upvoat herself with her multiple accounts? Surely there's a mod option to remove, mute, &/or block such a person?? 🤔

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IP ban her

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