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I posted this in another post here. Again, I'm not sure how relevant this is, but I visited the Vanderbilt Museum in Long Island, NY and this small statue/fountain creeped me out: https://imgoat.com/v/137765

It might not symbolize anything sinister, idk. This was the summer home of William K Vanerbilt II. The fountain is located outside at a small round pool that is now filled in and covered with grass. The tour of the inside was super disappointing as you don't get to see much of the house and you are escorted around by shitty guides pretending to be people who supposedly frequented the house. I learned useless stuff about Elizabeth Arden and was taught through shitty acting how important the Vanderbilt women were when it came to women's suffrage.

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Hmm.. the top of the statue is certainly odd, it could almost resemble a grave/burial? As it looks nothing like hair and can almost see a body/bones in it. Oh and what a "coincidence" that another pool has been filled in! Definitely graves.

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I am wanting to know what that is as well, on top of the statue, between those cherubs/babes. I too wondered. Looks strange. Could possibly be a grave marker of sorts. Telling what may be there. Creepy is what it is.

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Yeah, I posted again only because of your mention of the filled in pool at Biltmore. I can understand filling in an outdoor pool if it's not being used. One less thing to maintain.

Supposedly the pool was filled with water from the Long Island Sound and also drained right back into it. Definitely not a grave or burial. It's literally right outside the pool. The pointed ears of the demon like figure creeped me out... Obviously along with the babies. However, I don't know symbolism. Perhaps someone else has a better explanation for this statue/fountain? I just got an eery feeling in the moment.

I frequent this sub often, but I wasn't looking for anything nefarious when I went on the tour. I actually first heard of the Biltmore Mansion after doing simple research when I got home bc the tour I went on was so bad and I wanted to learn more about cool things they didn't talk about. Biltmore returned more results.

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Now I understand what you meant about the graves. Sorry about that.

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That is a demon carrying two babies. Horrible.

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There is a similar though not identical basement pool in the 5th season of American Horror Story: Hotel in which vampire kids are kept as blood sources for Lady Gaga. It was written/produced in 2014.

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Hmm.. So here we have another very similar pool, used to keep kids in whose blood they drink. Just another "coincidence"

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And made by the same company as Archer - FX.

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So.. My new theory on this connection coming up and Q posting about it is.. That this Estate is still being used when it is not open to the public, I feel they use it as some sort of sick "amusement" park where people pay top dollar to come and spend an evening there fulfilling their sick fantasies. It would be perfect if you are a sicko. Going back in time to your own "movie" set and then carrying out their sick acts. The Vanderbilt family built grand central so it would only make sense that they had their own secret railway built under this estate, the perfect way to bring in their guests for the night without being seen and no-one would suspect a thing as the place is "closed" through the night. I mean, why would they decide to move out of a place like this and open it to the public if they carried out their "hunting" parties and other sick shit here. This place would hold too many memories for the family to just let it go, so instead they "move out" and open it to the public, taking away prying eye's that might be trying to do stories on the family. So they now use their underground access to bring in their guests that have paid millions for a night at the estate. Makes sense to me..

@carmencita @letsdothis2 @exposethecriminals @Piscina @Pizzalawyer

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The mansions of the rich and powerful are found on Town Mountain road, and also in the Biltmore Forest Area. Many of these mansions have been home to human sacrifices. … This “power people coven” consisted of many of the wealthy and influential, including doctors and brain surgeons, judges, many lawyers, DA’s, mayors, and other various prominent people throughout that city

That is from this website: https://satanicnwo.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/satanism-in-asheville-nc/

Yes, Vanderbilt's Biltmore is in Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville is the satanic mecca of the east coast. Also in Asheville is Seely's Castle (Overlook Mansion) rumored to have satanic rituals held there: http://www.cultofweird.com/americana/seely-overlook-castle-asheville/

Even DHHS services in Asheville are infiltrated with satanists. They use their positions in the Department of Health and Human Services to seize children from poorer homes in that county. The pretence they use is that “the home is too poor” to take adequate care of the children. What frequently happens then to those seized children??? … Barack Hussein Obama … visit(s) the 12 Bones barbecue each time they come to town, which is more often than is publicized.

Also in Asheville is the satanic coven: https://ashvillesatanicoven.weebly.com/

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I agree. It sounds plausible and also makes sense to me. The Royals in many countries attend similar hunting parties so why not Biltmore. Just imagine if that ever got out. What in the world would Cooper and Gloria do? Definitely flight risks.

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This is what someone purportedly said about a ritual in Asheville (same town as Biltmore):

"We skinned that baby alive to the scream of 'hail, Satan!' We then draped it's intestines around the candlesticks of our altar. I cut the baby up into pieces, and each person ate some. Later, I took the skull and remains home. I forced the remains down the garbage disposal to conceal evidence from the police, and then burned a candle to Satan on the baby's skull.And when the mother, my girlfriend, felt bad about giving up her baby for sacrifice and went tot he police, we decided to make an example out of her as a warning to the rest of the coven:

"We took her up the side of one mountain overlooking Asheville...we laid her on that altar, and the sacrificial dagger was placed in my hands. I took that dagger and cut her open from neck to groin, and she was sacrificed. To this day her parents don't know what happened to her."

The jewel of Asheville, NC, is the famed "Biltmore Estate, " former home of the the great Illuminati Satanist millionaire, George Vandebilt! In his Illuminati mansion, one large room contains a coven's table, with 13 seats on either side. On the door is a plaque with the words, "Assemblage of the Gods."

From: educate-yourself.org/ps/satanismamericatoday14jul01.shtml

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Ehh, that was awesome to read first thing in the morning (spew) WTF... And sadly that sounds exactly like what happens. Remember Jimmy Commets friends were having kids? Or a lot of his friends had new borns and young kids.. Bet those sick fucks do the same!

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Ok so turns out the house in Archer that is said to of been the Biltmore Estate is actually Cornelius Vanderbilt 2 house that was on the corner of 5th and 55th New York, it's been demolished now and has a Presbyterian Church on it. The mansion in Archer is almost identical to the real mansion.

Archer- https://imgur.com/a/DQuh7GK

Real house- https://imgur.com/a/lD5kNkA

What does this mean? I don't know but I do know that they have used the Biltmore pool in the Archer series. Maybe there's more to Archer? I might go and watch the episodes as it is said to be in a few of them- http://archer.wikia.com/wiki/Tunt_Manor

There's something about this place/family that we haven't yet discovered..

@think- @letsdothis2 @exposethecriminals @carmencita @Blacksmith2

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One reference states that Cornelius Vanderbilt, the original Vanderbilt who made it rich, made his large sums from blackmail (Minnigerode, Meade. Certain Rich Men. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Son, 1927, pp 112-113.)

Source: Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Springmeier

Cornelius Vanderbilt I b. 1794 d.1877

Photography considered invented in 1839

Maybe that's how the Vanderbilts make their money still, through running sick "amusement" parks(s) as you theorized in your excellent comment, linked below, for which they could charge millions followed by lucrative blackmail of the park attendees and/or their relatives.


@letsdothis2 @piscina

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Well what do they do now? From being a big talked about family back in the day and STILL owning the largest private residence in the US I'd never heard of them until the other day.. Now all I've done is try and find the connection here. What if at night this estate is transformed into some sick sort of "wonderland"?? And that would be perfect, use it to bribe and blackmail people with, plus it's already riddled with cameras so no need to worry about setting that part up. You can choose to use "the garden" "the forrest" pick a room, Farrrk this is sounding more and more likely the more I think about it. Follow the white rabbit down the hole and you're on a train to Wonderland.. also Alice Vanderbilt rented a mansion called "Lands End"...

@letsdothis2 @Piscina @carmencita

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I agree with you. There seems to be something more than meets the eye.

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I'm not sure what all this means - yet, but...

As they say in the real estate world - location is everything:

Cornelius Vanderbilt 2 house that was on the corner of 5th and 55th New York, it's been demolished now and has a Presbyterian Church on it

That is the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_Avenue_Presbyterian_Church

The church, which was founded in 1808[5] as the Cedar Street Presbyterian Church,[2] has been located at this site since 1875.

The church’s historic sanctuary was the site of the 1910 wedding of Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., an event attended by his father, the former President, and 500 of his former Rough Riders;[8] the 1965 recording of A Concert of Sacred Music by Duke Ellington and his orchestra, broadcast nationally by CBS television in 1966;[9] and dance legend Frankie Manning's "rollicking three-hour memorial service" in 2009.

Although the original premise is no longer standing, the present Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church considers itself the spiritual daughter-church of Cedar Street Presbyterian. Cedar Street Presbyterian was the site of the teenage James Brainerd Taylor (1801–1829), a Connecticut-born Princeton University and Yale Divinity School-educated Second Great Awakening evangelist who made a public profession of faith on September 15, 1816.

The Rev. Dr. John Bonnell served as senior pastor from 1935 to 1962.[15] Bonnell was a nationally recognized author and religious broadcaster on the ABC radio network as host of the series "National Vespers," which reached 3 million listeners weekly from 1936 until 1961.[16] In 1956, he introduced Dial-a-Prayer, which continued as a ministry of the church for half a century. Bonnell played a leading role in the movement to strengthen ties between Protestants and Roman Catholics and was presented with a silver medal for ecumenical services by Pope Paul VI in 1966. He also served as co-chair of the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

Connections with Billy Graham http://www.a-voice.org/discern/graham.htm

Billy Graham's first great city-wide evangelistic campaign was held in Los Angeles in 1949. At that time he made a public promise that he would never have any theological modernists (theological liberals) on his platform. Dr. Graham's first evangelistic campaign in England was held in the summer of 1954. On that tour he was accompanied by Dr. John Sutherland Bonnell, the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in New York City. Dr. Bonnell was also the president of the Ministerial Association of New York City, which was dominated by modernist ministers and churches. On Dr. Graham's British tour Bonnell was working to persuade him to hold a campaign in New York in 1956 under the auspices of the liberal Ministerial Association. During that time a group of Bible-believing pastors and laymen sent Dr. Graham in England a telegram asking him to hold an evangelistic series in New York City sponsored by "a committee of twice-born men."

On his return to the States Dr. Graham announced that he would come to New York in 1956 sponsored by the Ministerial Association of New York City. The committee of Bible-believing men sent a delegation to Dr. Graham begging him not to confuse the line between the gospel of grace and the false gospel of the modernist churches represented in the Ministerial Association.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was the primary force for the founding of the Lausanne World Evangelism Conferences back in the 1980s. Especially in recent years these conferences have called on all churches, including the modernist ecumenical churches of the World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Church to cooperate with the evangelical churches in evangelizing the world for Christ.

More recently, in the spring of 1994, a group of both evangelical and Roman Catholic leaders signed a document called "Evangelicals and Catholics Together" (ECT). This document asserts that there is one Church (including both Protestant and Roman churches), that, therefore, they must work together in evangelizing the world for Christ, and agree that there will be no sheep-stealing, that is, proselytizing of members of one church to depart and join another church. ECT dismayed multitudes of Christians and elicited vigorous criticism from many Christian circles.

Billy Graham and Vanderbilt connection: https://news.vanderbilt.edu/2011/06/02/looking-back/

When Vanderbilt’s Dudley Field opened in 1922, it was the first stadium in the South built exclusively for college football. But the venue has hosted more than athletics events over the years. Such was the case when the Rev. Billy Graham brought his popular evangelical crusade to Nashville for the first time. On Sept. 19, 1954, the last night of the crusade, an estimated 65,000 people filled the stadium (pictured, in this photo taken from the roof of Memorial Gym). Graham would conduct two more crusades in Nashville over the course of his career: in 1979, again at Vanderbilt; and in 2000 at what is now LP Field.

[Harnessing people's energy?]

Related voat posts on Billy Graham:

Billy Graham - Pedophile, Illuminati, Luciferian and Monarch Slave Programmer

An Interesting Find: Billy Graham Center, Dennis Hastert Institute and Luciferian "Theosophical Society in America" all within a mile of each other in Illinois town

Billy Graham Dies at 99 years old

Then there's this:

Professor Boz Tchividjian with grandfather Reverend Billy Graham.

Basyle ‘Boz’ Tchividjian - GRACE (Godly response to abuse in the Christian environment) http://www.netgrace.org/board-of-directors/

Boz Tchividjian founded GRACE in 2003. He is a former assistant state attorney, who served as chief prosecutor in the Sexual Crimes Division, where he gained experience in cases involving sexual abuse, and later served as the attorney for the Child Advocacy Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. Boz has also spoken extensively on the subject of child abuse at various events including the conferences sponsored by the American Association of Christian Counselors and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA).



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Very interesting indeed.. There has to be a reson why this is all being brought up.. I also found while researching the family- Alice Vanderbilt- Alice in wonderland? Can't find anything yet to make that connection but on her wiki page it says this with, uh hum, some familiar "charities"

From her wiki-

Alice donated to various charitable causes. Throughout her life she was a large supporter of the YMCA, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Trinity Church and St. Bartholomew's Church. She and her husband donated Vanderbilt Hall to Yale College in memory of their eldest son, Bill, a student there when he died in 1892. She gave the front gates to her former mansion on Fifth Avenue to be placed in Central Park. Mrs. Vanderbilt also donated a facility to Newport Hospital in 1903 in memory of her husband, Cornelius.

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Well one thing's for sure, that pool depicted in the Archer cartoon is definitely referencing the Vanderbilt pool; there are far too many similarities for it not to be. Who is the creator for this cartoon? It would be worth looking into them.

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I just wanted to mention @letsdothis2 made the comment in the OP about the outdoor pool:

"In this image https://imgur.com/a/aHooW4W you can see the leaves on the floor. So, I thought that would mean an outdoor pool or something like that. Guess what? Biltmore had an outdoor pool which was built by Edith Vanderbilt in the 1930s but later filled in https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3e/22/9c/3e229c7ab68a1a82d51886196fb6dc22.jpg ; https://www.biltmore.com/blog/article/in-the-good-old-summertime "

It's a lot of comments to try to keep straight from the original thread!

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Thank you for all your hard work on these threads

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This is a pretty good video of the pool, including hard to find shots of the shallow end area, which is adjacent to the gymnasium. Beginning at around 3:35:

Biltmore estate basement tour

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WOW just found this... It's as if he's being held captive in the fkn pool.. https://imgur.com/a/R9XAj0v

@carmencita @think- @Blacksmith21 @Pizzalawyer @3141592653 @gamepwn @letsdothis2 @Oh_Well_ian

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Wow! Great find!! Notice the ladder - where you can climb down, but not so easily climb up again.

This is also interesting, because I looked at the artist's other works (artist that did the alleged 'Vanderbilt' pool paintings), and she also portrays men and women, obviously held captive, before a background of tiles.

I always assumed these paintings were referring to her experiences in the Yugoslavia wars in the 1990s, were they had concentration camps for adults, and rape camps for women and girls.

It never occured to me that there might be adults held captive in the Vanderbilt pool or a similar site.

@Vindicator @EricKaliberhall @srayzie @swordfish69

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Great find. Yes I read that he, Woodhouse, the butler in Archer, was forced to live in the empty pool until it was later filled with water to test the submarine they wanted to traffic cocaine in.

I just posted this on the other thread:

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2686121/13626057 :

The pool in Archer is not used as a swimming pool, even though Tunt Manor is occupied!

http://archer.wikia.com/wiki/Tunt_Manor :

The Pool: [the butler] Woodhouse’s living space in the mansion until Dr. Algernop Krieger fills it so he can construct his submersible.

http://archer.wikia.com/wiki/Woodhouse :

"Slowly dying, for all anyone cares. But the saddest part is, no one does.." —Woodhouse

Image of the butler in the pool in his underwear | archive

Another image of Woodhouse in the pool source

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Pro-tip: Voat will only ping the five names per comment - if you would like to ping more people, I would recommend putting the names in a second comment.

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I wonder how many other episodes featured "the pool"? Interesting - there is a drain at the bottom of the pool.

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