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Here's the clip of the scene https://youtu.be/0hQeMT9sWx4?t=74 I know how the submarine in the episode is being said to transport cocaine, but given it is a spy show, and their agency is an allegory for the CIA, I think it was referring to children. Maybe being trafficked by submarine? If you have a YouTube account here's a good time to leave a comment. I just left one.

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Creepy as fuck secret passage in the winter garden https://imgur.com/a/RuyfkJD

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You can almost see that pattern in the tiles as if at one point it was there!! It's as if the middle of the X is above the light and it doesn't look like a trick of light..

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Im shocked at the resemblance of this boys face to Anderson Cooper. He has been easily trussed with those odd swim ropes. Typically you would see ropes on a side of a pool or hanging on the wall with life preservers attached where you would fling out the rope and haul the swimmer in as the swimmer held onto a preserver. Where might we see replicas of those ropes, on the side of old ships or something? They really bother me.

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The agency isn't an allegory for the CIA. There's episodes where Archer bitches out a CIA agent (Slater) about MkUltra abuses.

The tweet is wrong, too. It's not Season 01, but 05.

In season 06, there's mention of Q clearance (again, Slater).

Season 07 makes mention of incest in wealthy families... In the alternative universe, Cheryl Tunt is rebranded Cheryl Vandertunt.

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Wow thank you for all of that. Here is a page on the episode: [Edit:] an episode referring to the cocaine-filled submarine in the house [pool] getting blown up:

Archer Vice: On the Carpet, Season 5, Episode 9

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The pool in Archer is not used as a swimming pool, even though Tunt Manor is occupied!

http://archer.wikia.com/wiki/Tunt_Manor :

The Pool: [the butler] Woodhouse’s living space in the mansion until Dr. Algernop Krieger fills it so he can construct his submersible.

http://archer.wikia.com/wiki/Woodhouse :

"Slowly dying, for all anyone cares. But the saddest part is, no one does.." —Woodhouse

Image of the butler in the pool in his underwear | archive

Another image of Woodhouse in the pool source

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Maybe some focus on trying to find a building with an entrance like the one at the other end of this pool, pictured in the video at 1:20 - 1:26. I don't know enough about the Vanderbilt place to know if that has one; anyone?

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The pools & rooms are identical. There’s no way that this is a coincidence.

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Also Adam Reed the creator of Archer is from Asheville where the Biltmore Estate is

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@Yuke here you go! There's some more info on the episode in this thread

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As we well and truly know now, there are no coincidences here.. Good chance that was painted while those poor kids were like that

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Good chance that was painted while those poor kids were like that

I agree with user @137 that the paintings were most likely done from photographs (probably commissioned by the Vanderbilts).

The thought occured to me when I realized that the artist is about the same age as Anderson Cooper, who, we speculated, could be one of the kids in another painting by the same artist. (The artist was born in 1973, Cooper in 1967.)

If the painting indeed shows Anderson Cooper, then the painting cannot have been done while he was a kid.

Someone on another thread about the Vanderbilt estate said that maybe the wealthy families involved in torturing and raping kids do photographs of the torture sessions / SRA sessions, and then commission artist to do paintings, and keep these paintings as kind of trophies.

Actually painting on set would take too long imo. (She paints in oil.)

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The paintings were likely done from photographs

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Biltmore Estate's Secret Passages - https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/biltmore-secret-doors-hidden-passages

The estate also boasts one underground tunnel in Antler Hill Village (located three miles from the house) that used to be part of the Biltmore Dairy Barn. The stone tunnel leads to a winery.

I don't know anything about this Archer series, so I'm taking this from a Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/97xdjw/weve_seen_the_vanderbilt_pool_before/

Vandertunt is the name of one of the richest families in the Archer series. Team Archer likes using obvious jokes and references. The cartoon goes into a LOT of shady details about how the Vandertunt family acquired its vast fortune by use of dubious means.


Episode 3 references tunnels under it to transport slaves. Episode 4 references eating babies.


Kreiger plays a mental German scientist, not unlike the Nazis imported after WWII.

It might also be noteworthy that during the entire season he is watching everyone in the estate through cameras. Many of which are in bathrooms when on screen.

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who would want to go 3 miles underground just to reach a winery. the house was built before prohibition, when was the tunnel built? Is the tunnel large enough to accomodate horse and wagon? I can just envision the elite having their favorite mounts brought to the estate and prey brought in using the tunnels for hunt parties. An area of research might be any correlation between publicized grand parties at the estate with satanic holidays.

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Underground Asheville: Exploring passages, purpose beneath city - https://eu.citizen-times.com/story/entertainment/2015/10/28/underground-asheville/74236848/

Vance Pollock, Asheville historian and frequent right-hand man to local occult expert Joshua P. Warren, said there's enough evidence to support the notion that underground Asheville existed.

"It helps lend credibility to some of the more mysterious rumors and outrageous claims," said Pollock, who with Warren runs the Asheville Mystery Museum in the basement of the Asheville Masonic Temple as well as Haunted Asheville tours. "But criminal activity, prostitution and bootlegging ties in with that."

"The police would raid a still or barroom and take all the illegal liquor downstairs to what would be the evidence room, impound it, and smuggle it through Westall's Lumber, which is now Pack's Tavern, into the police station never to be seen again," he said.

As for where the rest of Asheville's tunnels led, or for what purpose they were created, it's hard to say for sure. "I think they were mainly utility; certainly, they were there at least early after World War I, and I have evidence of some of those places," Pollock said.

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Not sure who said it, but, "behind every great fortune lies a crime." I was reading some comments by visitors and this one part stuck out, "The tour guide said children liked to hide in the large fireplace." They would get sooty quick, were that true.

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At the top of this Reddit thread are comments by someone who says their friend formerly worked security at the Biltmore Estate and told them some things about tunnels, etc:


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Yes, thanks. I'm just going through it now. Prince Charles at Biltmore is interesting. So, is the reference to the outdoor pool. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2686121/13625839

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Looks almost exactly like it. Anyone know the storyline from the show? What's with a sub in a pool?

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I'll go home this arvo and try find the episode then update..

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"Season 5 of Archer follows the Archer cast as being the most inept drug dealers in the business as they are secretly hired by the CIA to take 2,000 kilos of Cocaine, turn it into crack, then sell it to inner city residents and start the late 1980s crack epidemic. They fail spectaturaly because one character, Pam, starts a coke habit that has her eating half a key a day. More gets lost when their resident scientist, who built a submarine in a swimming pool using coke as ballast, gets upset that it will never have a maiden launch blows up the sub along with the coke." https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Archer

Isn't the Vanderbilt CNN anchor an alleged clown? You know, the one whose family owns the pool?

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Thank you! I would be interested to find out more!

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Welcome back.

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2679973 Relevant thread.

I agree, that looks almost identical to the Vanderbilt pool barring the location of the door, the plants. Ropes are identical.

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Now that's a creepy fucking "gym".. All tiles too, probably so it can be easily hosed out and cleaned..

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This research must be rough for you. Thanks for pushing through it. You're digging up important stuff here.

Very sorry you had to go through what you did.

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My thoughts and prayers are with you through this! The whole estate just has a creepy as fuck feeling to it and after researching all this for long enough you get the feel as to whether things are right or not.. And at the moment my heart is saying that the painting of the kids is in the "pool"

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Ehhh.. Fuck, that is it and that is definitely where that painting is...

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Why do you say that? The tiles are completely different, the painting is of standard pool or bathroom ceramic tiles. The pool is larger white bricks.. not the same....

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What's the context for all this?

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