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Possibly relevant:

More than 5,900 kids lost parents during the 2014 Ebola "outbreak" in Liberia.

A few months later, Huffpo claims the problem is pretty much gone. "Bogus orphanages" are mentioned.

SOS Childrens Villages reports 36,000 AIDS orphans in Liberia

SOS Children's Village staff reported 37 times for child rape in 2016

Interestingly, Q has also said a few things that may shed light on what is going on in Liberia, and it ties the Obama portrait directly to pizzagate.

2/2/18 Anon wonders why Obama portrait has him sitting in a bush. QAnon replies "Find the link. Look around. What does it signify?" and an anon points out several types of flowers.

Q then says "Flowers & Gardens. Learn the hidden symbolism." He drops a link about "slave gardens" http://www.encyclopedia.com/humanities/applied-and-social-sciences-magazines/slave-gardens then says, "What does a 'Flower' represent? What does 'Deflower' represent?" Deflower of course, means to take the flower of virginity via sexual intercourse.

When anons are groping, Q clarifies: "Think children. Think slaves. Think sheep.."

TL;DR -- Q says Obama's portrait (and other portraits of leaders involving flowers) are celebrating the rape of kids acquired from "slave gardens."

4/4/18 QAnon references slaves and sheep again and says [drugs, vaccines and chemicals are used to create mass extinction events]. (https://files.catbox.moe/50usid.png).

Perhaps the Ebola and AIDS outbreaks in Liberia were engineered to create a glut of orphans. Few people know that Liberia was an American colony, founded by former American slaves after the Civil War, and the first African colony to declare and retain its independence.

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Amazing thank you so much, lots more to look in to :-) its late so this is off the top of my head but chemicals can also be transferred through food re Qs comms about mass extinction. I will look into more who exactly the food supplies in Liberia were going to. Article said UN peacekeepers but wasn't clear if was for their consumption or distribution.

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Yeah, back in 2014 I was trading biotech stocks and saw some interesting stuff where people made a lot of money on the Ebola outbreak -- tyvek suits, masks, body bags and any pharma company working on Ebola vax research. Millions made overnight. It looked fishy as hell at the time, because suddenly Ebola in the USA!!!! Then Poof! gone. It made me look into Liberia, where I learned it was a former American colony. Dafuq? Never knew there was such a thing. Ever heard U.S. Blacks founded a colony in Africa? I never heard that, and I got bussed to a "desegregated" inner city school in second grade and had the lovely experience of being the only white kid in the entire grade while the teacher was showing Roots on TV.

There has to be a reason the MSM and Dept. of Reeducation don't discuss Liberia. I suspect it's the same reason Ebola is only in those three countries.

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Monsanto likely caused the microcephaly epidemic in Argentina that was so vehemently attributed to Zika virus

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Wow great research! Now I see why my post was deleted 10 hours ago. I had only questions about this news report 10 hours ago, you have soooo many links to back up your suspicions! Going to check them all out, great work! @EricKaliberhall a great post, I need to learn from cantfindmenow :) - @ @carmencita @think- @DerivaUK @Cc1914

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Sorry your post was deleted i didn't realise you had made one about this. Add your questions here and thank you for the kind comments :-)

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Just very impressed with your research. I Was also wondering if 'the swamp' were checking rich peoples Wills to see who has the provision to leave all their monies to charities, IF their whole family is wiped out - but then you have linked so many other possibilities of implications connecting his company, the 'innocent card' looks unlikely now. 👍🏻 This is all I posted: *What do you think? Business man Cousins was killed in a plane crash with his fiancee Emma Bowden, pilot Gareth Morgan, 2 sons Will and Edward Cousins and 11-year-old Heather Bowden-Page. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/01/01/australian-police-name-british-family-killed-seaplane-crash/ He was a Head of Compass, a catering giant company, brings to mind 'Q' saying look out for CEOs Heads of companies, to either die mysteriously, commit suicide or resign. Conveniently ALL of his family had to die to make his inheritance of £41,000,000 legally go to OXFAM Charity, the same charity that was ‘recovering’ from the sexual abuse charges in Haiti and elsewhere which were exposed recently. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44146536
This is rather handy, I wonder if a lot of the money for the trafficking going on in Haiti is being seized and confiscated since Pres.Trump signed a Bill last Feb (I think) to enable seizure of assets and halt monies being used for people trafficking. I realise that this does not say or prove it is anything to do with trafficking at the moment, but the fact such a substantial amount of his money is going the charity that the top man resigned for sexual misconduct/exploitation needs looking into more. twitter.com/moisejovenel/status/963225633332584448
This whole page has many links not yet checked, possible further leads. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43112200 *

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That is so nice of you. Like to see kindness among all of us. Will now check out your post too. :)

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Great analysis. Being a Q devotee I appreciated Vindicators contribution as well. One of Epsteins girls in an affidavit described the fear of AIDS by Epstein and his buddies so they only procured virgins. Might that be a universal standard for trafficking children. As for Obamas portrait, this artist always left his calling card in a painting. A single sperm which is located on Obamas left temple disquised as a blood vessel but with an obvious head and tail.

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https://archive.fo/Ng5U4 :

Compass settles UN bribery cases for £40m - Telegraph

https://archive.fo/eZKlO :

Compass settles UN catering lawsuits | Business | The Guardian

https://archive.fo/4gpaw :

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Interesting, and very strange.

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Great work